By Jeremy Vega

Welcome to all the vets & especially the rookies, who are patiently waiting for some of the big events yo kick off this off-season; one of them being the first ever Pro Bowl in league history.

A major shock when it was announced, this marquee match-up will pit two legendary coaches against each other, who drafted their own roster from a pool of the SFL’s best players in Season 10. The coaches selected are Lord Destro, SFL President, and Ramos Lynn, Mexico City Aztecs Owner. Both guys were the owners of the two teams who battled in the Season 5 SFL Championship game which is widely considered the greatest game ever played in SFL history.

In this preview, we are going to look at some of the big names on each team, as well as some of the connections beyween players playing alongside each other that we are most excited for. Let’s start with Team Destro..

Team Destro

I asked Lord Destro what he is looking forward to most when he competes in this Major League event. His response,

“Just observing how different players from many teams will gel together on two teams and how they play with and against each other”. Speaking of playing against…

President Destro wasted no time making a controversial first pick, as he stole away Ramos Lynn’s prized possession in Aztec running back, Ray Bentley. I spoke with Ray about the pick & what he looks forward to the most in the Probowl.

“Well, to be completely honest, being picked for the pro-bowl itself was already a huge honor. I can’t quite put into words the feeling of being picked #1 overall in the draft – I’ve already had a fairy tale career here in the SFL. I’m proud to represent both Team Destro and Mexico City, and while I greatly respect my coach, I truly look forward to being put up against his stratagems to see if Doctor Frankenstein himself knows the secrets to stopping his own terrible creation. As far as what I’m looking forward to in the game itself, hopefully Ray busts out an Altered Beast run, but ultimately I’m looking forward to a good game on both sides. Good luck and godspeed to all Team Destro and Team Ramos players, hi mom, and I love you Jenn!”

Setting the tone for offense, Destro brought in some of the most explosive talent in league history to assemble a superstar attack.

Quarterback Ron ‘Riverboat’ Cockren, who was the most accurate quarterback in Season 10, will be throwing to a familiar face who led the league in receptions: Optimus Cline. Also being drafted was the league leader in receiving yards, Ken ‘Kenny G’ Gossett. The defense wont be over-shadowed by the explosive offence as they have some real ballers & family members taking the field. The Vetack’s and McDaniels families could all be on the field at the same time, which is a sight in itself. With some of the big names being drafted like Pride strong safety, Alex ‘James’ Bond, Tulsa DROTY, Charles ‘I Ball hard’, linebacker ‘nice to meet your’ Aquantis Shyne and cornerback, ‘the real’ Kanye Rockafella, Team Destro’s defense is going to look like an immovable object. Opposite of Kanye is fellow, long-time star, cornerback, ‘A-Aron’ Arrington. With this very exciting roster that will be coached by a proven champion, we will definitely see some fireworks during the Probowl.

Team Ramos

What are you looking forward to the most in the Probowl Ramos?

“Seeing all the amazing players on the field at the same time. Division rivals as teammates and teammates as rivals.”

Those words ring true when you look at team Ramos vs Destro. Cornerback, Ryan Davidson was the #1 pick, which means he will have a chance to not only go up against Optimus Cline, but to try and intercept his other teammate, Ron Cockren. Ron better watch out for his other teammate, Alex ‘Big Sexy’ Dominguez, who will be rushing at him in hopes of dominating this game like all the others he plays in. Team Ramos is comprised of the best defensive players the league has ever seen. Intentional or not, the defence for this team is solid and ready to matchup with the Team Destro offence.

Alongside the already mentioned, Team Ramos has players like linebackers, ‘The real Slinn Shady, Esppn Ry’ale ‘with cheese’ and secondary players such as, cornerback, ‘I am the real’ Ryan Micheals, safeties, ‘Action’ Max Jackson and interception leader, Mahmoud Ajlouni. Crash Combs, Maurice Spurgeon and Avery King also join a truly formidable defence, potentially the best the SFL has ever seen. I spoke with Crash Combs about what he is looking forward to at the Probowl.

“I’m looking forward to playing on the same team as a lot of guys I admire in the league like Duke Wilson, Ryan Davidson, Ryan Micheals, Max Jackson etc. It’s also going to be awesome to see how Ramos and Destro get all these superstars competing”.

I wouldn’t sleep on this offence either, as it bolsters major talent. Quarterback, Christian Christiansen, will lead the offence; alongside him, is his partner in crime, wide receiver, Duke Wilson. Robert Merrill will be with them and will also act as a dangerous return man. Team Ramos adds presitgious talent like Ash Odom and Yasin Clifton to round out the offence. A dangerous team in its own right, the SFL community will expect to see a matchup of epic proportions.

Now that we have covered the two teams that are competing in the Pro Bowl, let’s talk about the Pro Bowl itself. For starters, the SFL Pro Bowl will be on the front page of Twitch, Tuesday May 22nd at 7pm CT. It will feature 15 minute quarters instead of the traditional 12 minutes. Coaches will have unlimited formation substitutions, allowing for different personnel on the field all night long, as well as more strategy. Cam and Steven will be calling the game, alongside them could very well feature the two coaches, Destro & Ramos. A handful of players playing in the Probowl will be mic’d up throughout the game, including Ray Bentley. Add in a great presentation, and the Pro Bowl is going to be a huge event you won’t want to miss.

Thank you for reading & thank you for all the support shared around the league.

One Love.