By Wyett Jones

*Note: This mock draft was made using the Rookie Big Board 3.0*

New Orleans Pharohs

The popular opinion is that NO could bypass the consensus No 1 prospect…we shall see

New Orleans Pharaohs pick: #1
Positions of interest: FS/SS/CB/LB/WR/TE/RB
Selection: Aman Takess, LB

With the recent signing of running Back, Donk Bonkers, and not having quarterback as an open position, Pharaohs owner Aaron Arrington could potentially start the draft off with a curveball by not taking top Big Board prospect, Kody ‘Thrill’ Hill, and instead going defense with Aman Takess, who is currently 2nd on the rookie big board.

Dallas Lobos

The Lobos don’t seem to be clambering for a quarterback. Could they have spotted the perfect player to fill this spot in the draft?

Dallas Lobos pick: #4
Positions of interest: RB/WR/QB
Selection: Xander Gold, QB/WR

With Kody Hill not going 1st overall, it throws off the board a little bit. That could result in Xander Gold being ripe for the taking at 4th for Dallas. They haven’t signed a quarterback yet, however it’s not listed under their player openings. Should they run into the worst-case scenario and are unable to address it in free agency, Gold could see himself lining up under center instead of his preferred wide receiver role.

Atlanta Swarm

Atlanta’s passing game as fairly dire last season. Could a fresh face under centre galvanize the Swarm to bigger heights?

Atlanta Swarm pick: #10
Positions of interest: DE/CB/QB/WR
Selection: Marcus Dunhill, QB/WR

The Swarm’s lack of a passing game this past season has been well-documented. Marcus Dunhill has proven to be solid in his chat ranking and is capable of throwing and catching passes. Quarterback is a position one cannot ignore.

Oklahoma City Renegades

OKC’s management have a lot of experience. Can they use that to win this draft?

Oklahoma City Renegades pick: #12
Positions of interest: RB/CB/TE/DE/WR
Selection: Junior Senior III, RB/WR

While Junior Senior III has gotten back over the top 75 hump, he’s not in the clear yet. Should he slip down to the Renegades at 12, they’d be getting a potential max value running back or wide receiver. The potential steal of the draft.

Tulsa Desperados

Tulsa have hit free agency hard. They just need one extra peice to shape their Season 11.

Tulsa Desperados pick: #17
Positions of interest: DE
Selection: Gib Leedoo, DE

The Desperados’ recently signed their third wide receiver in Khoury Jones, leaving them with defensive end to fill. Gib Leedoo is currently 14th in the Big Board rankings which could see Tulsa end up grabbing him at 17.

Houston Hyenas

Houston Hyenas pick: #18
Positions of interest: QB/LB
Selection: Kentez Johnson, QB

Houston need someone to replace Ahmed Cheema. Big boots to fill for a rookie, no doubt

The Hyenas have still not signed a quarterback, and as previously stated quarterback is not a position one can ignore. There are a couple linebackers they could potentially take in the second round, but quarterbacks are always a premium. Enter the enigmatic, Kentez Johnson.

Tallahassee Pride

You can only imagine that the Pride will look to add to their destructive defensive line that brought so much success in Season 10

Tallahassee Pride pick: #20
Position of interest: FS/DT
Selection: EJ DeCue, DT

EJ DeCue is in almost a perfect spot to be picked up by the Pride. Sitting at #19 on the current rookie board and being a pure defensive tackle makes it an easy choice. The Pride look to again trot out four star defensive lineman, and DeCue is the final piece of the puzzle.