By Christian Pundt (with Kody ‘Thrill’ Hill)

College: TCU
Hometown: Houston, TX
Class: Senior

Rushing Receiving
SeasonTeamGames PlayedCarriesRushing YardsYards per CarryRushing Touchdowns Receptions

Kody Hill entered college as a Texas high school phenom. Unsurprisingly, he opted to stay in state for college. Against many prrdictions, he decided to travel up the I-45 and play in Dallas, not his hometown of Houston. There, he became the second coming of Ladainian Tomlinson at TCU. He matched his stat totals in every category, but saw much more team success. With Hill in the backfield, the Bullfrogs won one National Title and two bowl games, while ‘Thrill Hill’, as he’s been dubbed by teammates, won the Heisman trophy his senior season.
After this successful run at TCU, Hill opted to step away from football due to concerns about his size. Now he’s looking to make a comeback and erase the concerns and former self-doubt surrounding his height.
Hill is a balanced running back with the intangibles and arm strength to possibly switch to QB at the next level. He enters the SFL Draft as the consensus top prospect with no serious weakness to his game. For a team looking for a safe pick, that should steadily progress and has a track record of success, Hill should be an easy top prospect for them.

Position: QB/RB
Height: 5’11”
Weight: 221 lbs
Arms: 31”
Hands: 9”
40 Yard Dash: 4.43
20 Yard Dash: 2.56
10 Yard Dash: 1.52
Bench Press: 18
Wonderlic: Unreleased
Vertical Leap: 40.5”
Broad Jump: 124”
20 Yard Shuttle: 4.21
60 Yard Shuttle: 11.19

Hill is the definition of an all-around, flexible, safe player at the premier SFL positions. He is wanting to play either QB or RB and should excel at both, as he is eligible to receive the maximum rookie contract and is the odds-on favorite to go number one overall, despite the floating rumors that New Orleans won’t select him. Hill has a track record of submitting progression on time, which should go a long way in today’s SFL and answers a big unknown among most rookies.

NFL Comparison: Ladainian Tomlinson
SFL Comparison: somewhere between a poor man’s Ash Odom and a bigger Donk Bonkers

– No true weakness
– Quick
– Can run between the tackles
– Holds onto the ball
– Factor in passing game
– Houstonian, Texans fan, Watson truther
– Trustworthy to get progression in
– Advanced for his age; could compete with more established SFL running backs immediately

– Not a physical specimen
– No true “X factor” or special strength
– Must ask the question “do I want Kody Hill to my franchise cornerstone?”
– No collegiate experience as a QB
– Complete Pandora’s Box at QB
– Commitment/love of the game. Has walked away from the game once (after winning the Heisman). Will he do it again?
– Will he resign after rookie season?

Bottom Line:
Kody Hill is the safest prospect in this class. He will likely opengate as the best rookie and could be very close it as the best one from this class too. Only rookie with a reliable track record in the SFL and that has collegiate accolades such as his. With no real “plus-plus” ability and no real exploitable part of his game, there are concerns he could be “good not great”.

CC: Well all know that you stepped away from football after winning the Heisman trophy and the National Championship at TCU. Why did you choose to come back to football?
KH: Well to be honest, I wanted to find a place where I could become a star at. The SFL brought me to the conclusion.

CC: Who do you model your game after?
KH: Well depends on the position, if a RB I would be like Ray Bentley and if a QB, like Deshaun Watson. GO TEXANS!

CC: Would you prefer to play QB or RB?
KH: It doesn’t really matter, just want to be a leader in where I play in.

CC: Where did the name ‘Thrill’ come from?
KH: Mid-season in Season 10. The Dallas Locker Room was creating nicknames for the players. I couldn’t think of one nicknames. So I asked Crash and that’s how we got to where we are now.

CC: Do you feel you should be the number one overall pick?
KH: Yes and No. I put in the bits and all that first but I want to see the rooks succeed. Yes, even Aman Takess (A.K.A A Man Takis)

CC: Are you ready to be the franchise cornerstone if an expansion team drafts you?
KH: You bet! I got in touch with some of the expansion owners (Looking at You TJ…..) and they do want me on the team and we’ll just have to see.

CC: Who do you want to be drafted by? Where do you see your best fit?
KH: Defitinly NOLA. He is looking for some top players and I will certainly be in the QB or RB Position.

CC: Do you think you could fall on draft day? What would your reaction be? How would you fit in with a team that has a more ‘established’ group of veterans?
KH: Nope, it’s just rumors. I have no doubts I will be in the Top 5. This is what happens in Drafts, rumors and most are wrong. If that were to happen, that’s fine. Being with veterans is fine, I played with a frickin future HOF with Troy Loshaw, so it’s fine anyway where I go.

CC: Where do you see yourself at the end of the season? Five seasons?
KH: Yeah, if Life doesn’t hit me. But I will played mutilple seasons at least.

CC: We know this is a pretty competitive, if hyper, class of rookies. How important is it to you to win a rookie of the year award?
KH: Not important, ROTY does not determine who is the best. But I would win lol.

CC: What’s your goals to accomplish in the SFL?
KH: To win a title, Win a couple of awards. And go to the HOF with the SFL Staff.