Disclaimer: All data for this big board is based off of Week 8 of Rookie check ins. The Final Rookie Big Board will be released next week!

RankPlayer NameSummaryRank Change
1Kody Hill (#10 Chat Ranking) RB, QB - Max ValueKody had a slightly down week, he wasn't as active as he has been in the past but he still comes in at #1 based off his consitency and the fact that he still out ranks nearly every rookie on the board in Chat Ranking+/- 0
2Xander Gold (#19 Chat Ranking) QB, WR - Max ValueWE HAVE A NEW #2! Xander Gold had an absolutely monster week for his Chat Ranking, raising himself up over 30 places and settling in at #19. He has another week like this last one and we may see Kody Hill be dethroned right before the draft. This will be a battle to keep an eye on! +2
3Aman Takess (#32 Chat Ranking) LB, DE - Max ValueThe slower weeks of activity have finally caught up to Aman, he dropped 3 spots in Chat Ranking and it resulted in him dropping from the #2 spot. Thankfully for Aman, his Max Silver potential contract is what most likely kept him from dropping even further down the board. -1
4Thomas Ramen (#8 Chat Ranking) QB, WR, RBThomas Ramen raised his Chat Ranking another spot this week to #8. He falls down a spot on the big board but it is only the result of Xander Gold moving up with his big week of activity and his possible Max Vaule Silver contract. Don't read too much into this one. Thomas is a lock for constant activity. -1
5J.W. Doyle (#12 Chat Ranking) ATHDoyle kept his Chat Ranking the same and the result is similar for his big board ranking. He has been a constant presence in the chat and will be a solid contributor to a team lucky enough to draft him.+/- 0
6EZ Tempel (#21 Chat Ranking) FSEZ Tempel's Chat Ranking stayed the same this week, with that his big board ranking also stay the same. In order for him to move up, Tempel is going to need to up his Chat Ranking. With the draft not too far away, I wouldn't worry too much about it, he's getting drafted no matter what happens and I expect it to be a pretty high pick.+/- 0
7Hunter Jones (#16 Chat Ranking) WRAnother big jump in Chat Ranking for Jones, this time moving from #27 to #16, however, his big board ranking stays the same, with such high Chat Rankings in the top part of the big board, it will be hard to get himself moved up another spot or two. Much like EZ Tempel, I expect him to be picked up early in the draft.+/- 0
8Tank Bennett (#68 Chat Ranking) FS, SS, CB - Max ValueBennett's Chat Ranking jump up 4 spots, he finds himself in the same position as last week. If he can get his activity up significantly in the upcoming weeks, Bennett could find himself shot up into the upper echelon of the big board with his Max Value Silver contract a big booster.+/- 0
9Marcus Dunhill (#20 Chat Ranking) QB, RB, WRMarcus had another huge jump in Chat Ranking, moving up 20 spots. The jump in Chat Ranking moved him up one spot, allowing to overtake even a possible Max Value silver contract. +1
10Junior Senior III (#73 Chat Ranking) WR, RB - Max ValueJunior Senior was able to regain a spot on his Chat Ranking, but it wasn't able to save his #9 spot on the big board, being passed over by Marcus Dunhill after a week of good activity -1
11Jeff Melinyshyn (#32 Chat Ranking) SS, FS, CBMelinshyn finished off his bits for the draft and has now brought himself into prime position for draft day. His Chat Ranking increase by 34 spots. That combined with the bits has put him just outside the Top 10 for the big board. +11
12BJ Loveless (#27 Chat Ranking) LB, SafetyBJ's Chat Ranking dropped by 4 spots, he only finds himself 1 spot lower on the draft board though. However, another week like this and he may switch places with a few people. No real danger for him come draft day though. -1
13Mickey Martino (#22 Chat Ranking) WR, DBMickey boosted his Chat Ranking up by 8 spots, even with the boost though he wasn't able to overtake BJ just yet. Another week like this and he may do just that -1
14Colin Hart (#43 Chat Ranking) RB, CBA drop by only 1 spot on Chat Ranking was enough to keep Colin's spot from falling further thatn #13 to #14 after being overtaken by Melinshyn, but next week he may not be so lucky and could be passed up by either Gib Leedoo or TM Gaines, potentially even both. -1
15Gib Leedoo (#35 Chat Ranking) LB, DE, RBWhile a rise in Chat Ranking by 9 spots is usually enough to bump you up at least 1 spot on the board, Gib Leedoo finds himself on an odd ocassion, actually dropping 1 spot after another rookie in Melinyshyn bounced up the board by a large number. If he has another week like this though, I see him moving up -1
16TM Gaines (#42 Chat Ranking) WRMuch lke Gib Leedoo, Gaines was able to move his Chat Ranking up a few spots (4 spots), but finds himself 1 spot lower on the big board from the shift of another rookie sliding in. -1
17Kentez Johnson (#13 Chat Ranking) QBA new face to the big board entirely is Kentez Johnson, he joined the league and gathered his 1000 bits. Cheering them coupled with a very active Chat Ranking has brought him in with a splash at #17. As long as he doesn't miss a check in between now and the draft, he will more than likely find himself around this spot come the big day.Unranked Last Week
18Keith Swearingen (#41 Chat Ranking) K, ATHKeith has pulled himself more firmly into the mix of the Top 21 in the big board after raising his Chat Ranking by 11 spots. With the draft approaching though, one down week could easily send any rookies in the lower portion of the Top 21 to the outside looking in. +3
19EJ DeCue (#59 Chat Ranking) DTA jump in Chat Ranking of 3 spots for EJ DeCue keeps him at his spot of #19. As long as he can stay consistent, he will more than likely be in the Top 21 come draft day.+/- 0
20Nello Brown (#62 Chat Ranking) LB, CBFrom a Bronze Contract to a Silver Contract. That is the result of moving your Chat Ranking up a staggering 48 spots for Nello Brown. He went from 110 to 62 in one week and pushed his way into the Top 21 +11
21Jason Williams (#52 Chat Ranking) RB, LBEven though his Chat Ranking improved by 7 spots, Jason Williams finds himself falling down the board slightly, making way for a few new rookies to join the Top 21. Although his spot did drop on the Top 21 I don't expect him to be in any real danger of falling out. -4
Remaining Draft Eligible Rookies (Round 2 or later)
22John Blades (#69 Chat Ranking - Silver) QB, WR
23Markem Lopez (#63 Chat Ranking -Silver) WR, FS
24Achilles Frank (#75 Chat Ranking - Silver) CB, FS, WR
25Ethan Kye (#51 Chat Ranking - Silver) ATH
26Dupree Hudson (#72 Chat Ranking - Silver) SS, WR
27Siege Falco (#71 Chat Ranking - Silver) OFF ATH
28Royce Robbins (#76 Chat Ranking - Bronze) RB, CB
29Leroy Brown (#87 Chat Ranking - Bronze) Safety
30Jared McChesney (#89 Chat Ranking - Bronze) RB
31Chad Guy (#86 Chat Ranking - Bronze) DE, RB
32Matt Wolfe (#80 Chat Ranking - Bronze) DE, TE, LB, WR
33Clyde Peaches (#91 Chat Ranking - Bronze) WR, TE, DB
34Julius Williams (#125 Chat Ranking - Bronze)
35Brett Funk (#94 Chat Ranking - Bronze) OLB, DB
36Jay Ringgold (#107 Chat Ranking - Bronze) DB, DL
37Jon Gregory (#117 Chat Ranking - Bronze) TE, DE
38Josh Ano (#126 Chat Ranking - Copper) LB
39Jesse Vick (#134 Chat Ranking - Copper) QB, RB, CB, FS
40Gerald Smith (#145 Chat Ranking - Copper)
41Shaka Hall (#156 Chat Ranking - Copper) ILB, ATH
42Hendrix Thornberry (#164 Chat Ranking)
43Dean Maddox (#170 Chat Ranking - Copper) ATH
44Kristopher Shields (#174 Chat Ranking - Copper) WR, TE, DE
45Franco Sonatti (#182 Chat Ranking - Copper) ATH
46Craig Hearn (#158 Chat Ranking - Copper) DB
47Andrew Nyberg (#180 Chat Ranking - Coppper) ATH

Note from the writer, Ryan Michaels: I’d like to thank Andrew Rastelli, Director of Player Personnel, for his continued help and for all of his efforts in collecting the data that comprises this Rookie Big Board, without his help this board would not be possible. I’d also like to thank Matthew Slinn, editor-in-chief for the Beat Writers, for his continued efforts with the Beat Writing staff, without him we wouldn’t be able to put out such great looking articles! And last but definitely not least, thank YOU, the SFL community, for reading each article that our Beat Writing team produce. Your support and eagerness for each article is what makes it worth every second spent writing them!