By Wyett Jones

Wyett Jones is back with his second mock draft! As we roll through the weeks towards the draft, the Beat Writers are getting more and more confident of deciphering what each team is aiming to do.

New Orleans Pharohs

New Orleans Pharaohs pick (#1):
Positions of interest: CB, FS, SS, LB, WR, TE, RB
Prediction: Kody ‘Thrill’ Hill, RB

Judging on their most recent entry into the player openings channel, the Pharaohs did not mention quarterback under ‘openings’, leading to believe that they plan to address the position in free agency. That being said, Kody Hill is still the top prospect on the board and can become the feature running back of the Pharaohs.

Dallas Lobos

Dallas Lobos pick (#4):
Positions of interest: RB/WR
Predictiom: J.W. Doyle, ATH
The Lobos need a new running back to take over for the retiring Mike Davis, and J.W. Doyle has the versatility to pull the move off. Junior Senior III is currently on the edge of being bumped down to bronze value, so Doyle is the current best option, as he also fits both needs.

Atlanta Swarm

Atlanta Swarm pick (#10):
Positions of interest: CB/DE/QB/WR
Prediction: John ‘Dash’ Blades, QB/WR

The one thing holding back John Blades from silver value was his chat ranking, and he’s since soared up the rankings and has hit silver value. Atlanta still has not filled the quarterback position, and last season was near the bottom in every passing category, and 3rd lowest in points scored. While they’ve lost several key players on their defense, it’s impossible not to notice the obvious hole at quarterback.

Oklahoma City Renegades

Oklahoma City Renegades pick (#12):
Positions of interest: RB/CB/TE/WR/DE
Prediction: Junior Senior III, RB/WR

The Renegades have added more openings recently, but I still see them leaning towards the offensive side of the ball. Junior Senior III has had a bit of a drop due to more rookies rising up the chat rankings and getting their bits in, which could lead to Senior III experiencing a bit of a slide in the draft, to the delight of the Renegades. Either Senior III becomes the feature running back for a Renegades’ offense that was around middle of the pack in terms of rushing yards or is sent out wide and boosts their already efficient passing game.

Tulsa Desperados

Tulsa Desperados pick (#17):
Positions of interest: WR/DE
Prediction: Markem Lopez, WR

While originally it looked as if the Desperados needed a quarterback, the recent signing of Michael Martin saw that need filled, leaving them with wide receiver and defensive end. Markem Lopez is a wide receiver who could give Martin another weapon to throw to in the upcoming season, making the former Knight’s life a lot easier, as former Desperados quarterback Sir Charles Robinson was the 2nd most sacked quarterback in the league last season.

Houston Hyenas

Houston Hyenas pick (#18)
Positions of interest: QB, LB          Predictions: Brett ‘Too Much’ Funk, LB

The Hyenas look to improve one of the better defenses in the league last season, looking to only address linebacker so far in this rookie draft. Brett Funk leaves a little to be desired as far as chat ranking is concerned, however he has begun to climb up the rankings, and could easily slip into that top 75 for the silver tier.

Tallahassee Pride 

Tallahassee Pride pick (#20)
Position of interest: FS/DT
Prediction: EJ DeCue, DT

The Pride are coming off a near perfect season and have reloaded very well thus far. They have two big spots open in their defense, at defensive tackle and free safety, and I think they go after EJ DeCue with their pick. The Pride defense blew the rest of the league out of the water in terms of total sacks last year, and they will try to follow it up with another dominant defensive line, with four star defensive lineman to wreak havoc on the opposing quarterbacks.

A note from the Editor: Stay tuned over the weekend for more coverage of the buzzing free agency market and the upcoming SFL Draft!