By Ryan Michaels 

Disclaimer: All data for this big board is based off of Wednesday from Week 7 of Rookie check ins. New articles will be released weekly to keep up to date based on chat activity, bit logs and rookie check ins. In order to get the article out in a timely manner each week only the Top 21 Rookies will be getting summaries.

RankPlayer NameSummaryRank Change
1Kody Hill (#8 Chat Ranking) RB, QB - Max ValueKody Hill continues to dominate the big board this week, he is a constant in the chat and doesn't seem to show any signs of slowing down just yet+/- 0
2Aman Takess (#29 Chat Ranking) LB, DE - Max ValueWhile Aman Takess did have a down week of activity, losing 3 spots in the chat rankings, he still comes in at #2 with this Max Value contract. He can't afford many weeks like this one though or he may find himself falling down the board a few spots+/- 0
3Thomas Ramen (#9 Chat Ranking) QB, WR, RBClawing his way into the Top 10 of Chat Rankings and settling at #9 is not an easy feat. Thomas could move himself past Aman with another week like this one+/- 0
4Xander Gold (#51 Chat Ranking) QB, WR - Max ValueXander Gold was able to keep his Chat Ranking the same this week but still moves up a spot base on his Max Value contract, if he becomes more active and raises his chat rank to challenge the upper echelon, he could find himself rising even more +1
5J.W. Doyle (#12 Chat Ranking) ATHAlthough J.W. Doyle was able raise his Chat Ranking 1 spot he falls 1 spot on the big board, coming in just behind Xander Gold. He is a constant voice in the chat, I expect he won't take this spot drop lightly and be even more of a force to reckon with -1
6EZ Tempel (#21 Chat Ranking) FSEZ raised his Chat Ranking by 20 spots, and as such has found himself leapfrogging several other rookies this week to settle in at #6 +2
7Hunter Jones (#27 Chat Ranking) WRHunter Jones also improve his Chat Ranking by a large number, 18 to be exact. His placement on the board at #7 is a direct result of the huge activity boost +3
8Tank Bennett (#72 Chat Ranking) ATH - Max ValueTank Bennett finds himself dropping 2 spots, being jumped over by 2 other rookies as his Chat Ranking dropped a level since last week. Keep an eye on him as he nears back to the Silver/Bronze threshold level -2
9Junior Senior III (#74 Chat Ranking) WR, RB - Max ValueOver the last 2 weeks Junior Senior has gone from a top 3 prospect to falling just inside the Top 10 at #9. His Chat Ranking is seemingly in a free fall as two consecutive weeks of low activity have taken him from #56 to just inside the Silver Threshold at #74. If he drops any further he will fall down to the Bronze level, on the plus side though, if he becomes more active, he will be to move back up the board with his Max Value contract. -2
10Marcus Dunhill (#40 Chat Ranking) QB, RB, WROne week ago, Marcus found himself launched into the Top 15 on the board with a jump of 6 spots, this week he slowed down a bit but did find himself still moving up a spot on the board with his Chat Ranking going from #43 to #40 +1
11BJ Loveless (#23 Chat Ranking)Last week was BJ's first week on the big board, he debuted at #17. This week he is #11 after an amazing jump of 33 places in Chat Ranking. He keeps up this level of activity and even Kody Hill may need to be worried about his spot +6
12Mickey Martino (#30 Chat Ranking) WR, DBMickey Martino, last week he had just enough bits cheered to squeak in the Bronze level. This week he finished his cheering and he becomes the biggest jump in the big boards short history, absolutely rocketing up the board 16 spots to land at #12. If his Chat Ranking is any indication, he'll be drafted early come the big day +15
13Colin Hart (#42 Chat Ranking) RB, CBIf it weren't for Mickey Martino, Colin Hart would be the biggest mover this week. The only thing he needed to do was raise his Chat Ranking by 2 levels and he would become a Silver level potential contract. Instead, he sped his way up the Rankings list by 24 spots and secured himself firmly into the thick of the Rookie class. +9
14Gib Leedoo (#44 Chat Ranking) LB, DE, RBGib Leedoo kept his Chat Ranking at the exact same level as last week, unfortunately for him he drops 2 spots due to some rookies sliding past him with their Chat Rankings being sligtly higher. -2
15TM Gaines (#46 Chat Ranking)Tied for the second biggest jump is TM Gaines, Much like Colin Hart he just needed to move his way past #75 on the Chat Rankings and he would have himself a potential Silver Contract. Also, much like Colin Hart, he obliterated that goal and lifted himself and UNGODLY 60 SPOTS on the Chat Rankings board, IN JUST ONE WEEK. I expect big things from this man as time wears on +9
16Markem Lopez (#57Chat Ranking) WR, FSMarkem Lopez made a small return to form this week and raised his Chat Ranking by 6 spots this week, normally that would move you up a few spots, this week however he drops down 2 with others pushing their way past with huge leaps in their own rankings -2
17Jason Williams (#59 Chat Ranking) RB, LBWhile Jason Williams did raise his Chat Rankings by 28 spots this week, he only jumps up 3 spots on the Big Board. Another week like this though and I can guarantee you he makes an ever bigger splash and shakes up the big board even more. +3
18John Blades (#67 Chat Ranking) QB, WRBlades raised his Chat Ranking by 18 spots this week, but with other big movers on the rise he only moves up 1 spot on the big board. As more Rookies fill in, the compettition will be fierce for those near the Threshold of Silver/Bronze +1
19EJ DeCue (#62 Chat Ranking) DTThe week prior to this EJ rounded out the Top 21 spots for the big board, this week he moves up 2 spots as his Chat Ranking moves up by 14 spots. As long as he stays active he should be just fine come draft day +2
20Achilles Frank (#65 Chat Ranking) CB, FS, WRAchilles Frank took a nose dive this week with the combination of his Chat Ranking dropping 10 spots and other Rookies rocketing up the board with their activity. He needs to turn it around or my find himself falling out of the first round of the draft -10
21Keith Swearingen (#52 Chat Ranking) K, ATHRounding out our Top 21 of the board is Keith Swearingen, although his Chat Ranking only dropped 2 spots, his drop on the big board was more the result of other Rookies moving up and just pushing him down the line. -8
Remaining Draft Eligible Rookies (Round 2 or later)
22Jeff Melinyshyn (#66 Chat Ranking - Silver)
23Royce Robbins (#75 Chat Ranking - Silver)
24Siege Falco (#77 Chat Ranking - Bronze) OFF ATH
25Jared McChesney (#82 Chat Ranking - Bronze) RB
26Chad Guy (#84 Chat Ranking - Bronze) DE, RB
27Matt Wolfe (#83 Chat Ranking - Bronze)
28Dupree Hudson (#76 Chat Ranking - Bronze)
29Clyde Peaches (#95 Chat Ranking - Bronze)
30Brett Funk (#97 Chat Ranking - Bronze) OLB, DB
31Nello Brown (#110 Chat Ranking - Bronze)
32Josh Ano (#118 Chat Ranking - Bronze)
33Shaka Hall (#146 Chat Ranking - Copper) ILB, ATH
34Dean Maddox (#160 Chat Ranking - Copper) ATH
35Kristopher Shields (#163 Chat Ranking - Copper) WR, TE, DE
36Franco Sonatti (#170 Chat Ranking - Copper) ATH
37Craig Hearn (#150 Chat Ranking - Copper) DB
38Andrew Nyberg (#179 Chat Ranking - Coppper) ATH
39Jack Burton (#198 Chat Ranking - Copper) LB, RB
40Matthew Martin (#187 Chat Ranking - Copper)