By Mahmoud Ajlouni

1) New Orleans- Achilles FrankeNew Orleans Owner Aaron Arrington starts off by bringing in a playmaker at his position to line up outside.
2) Baltimore- Chad Guy – starts off by bringing in a RB to lead the offense
3) Las Vegas- Kody Hill – the new expansion team hopes to bring an explosive offense by taking top ranked RB Kody Hill.
4) Dallas- Junior Senior – a top ranked draft prospect, would be a perfect addition to help develop 2nd year QB Mason Kirby
5) Chicago- Craig Hearnafter Kanye Rockafella left to Tulsa, Chicago needs another CB to line up with Blake Hamrac
6) London – Dupree Hudson – need a SS to replace Cain Vasquez
7) Carolina- Shaka Hall – Carolina needs a punisher at LB and Hall brings just that
8) St. Louis- Xander Gold – brings skill to the lackluster St. Louis offense
9) Vancouver- EZ Tempel – He comes in as a center fielder type FS, to replace the departed Mahmoud Ajlouni in hopes of improving what was one of the worst pass defenses in the league.
10) Atlanta- Thomas Ramen – At #10 goes the Swarm hopeful franchise QB, who will hopefully lead them to the championship they’ve been close to.
11) San Francisco- JW Doyle – they take the chance on him due to the glaring need at quarterback
12) Oklahoma City – Tank Bennett – one of the quietest teams take one of the best draft prospects
13) Denver- Aman Takess – drops to 13 despite a need of LB and DE at the front of the draft  after some red flags popped up all around him. He brings a fiery attitude to Denver to help them start their first season right
14) Indianapolis – Kristopher Shields – will look to have more production from the TE after the departure of Kyrie Tate
15) Mexico City
16) Queen City- John Blades need to bring in a reliable pass catcher to help grow with a new QB being brought in to Queen City
17) Tulsa- Colin Hart – after releasing Jeffrey Desir, they need someone to fill that CB spot
18) Houston- Gib Leedoo – will step into big shoes, after D.J Majesty’s announcement of not returning

19) Sioux Falls-  Jarrod McChesney – after Redford leaves, Sioux Falls will miss the power style running, but McChesney should bring that right back
20) Tallahassee- Markem Lopez – steps into a starting role immediately after a hole at FS for the Pride opens up
21) Alaska- Marcus Dunhill – perfect complement for superstar QB Ron Cockren