By Slinn Shady 

Due to his aloof nature, it’s not exactly easy to catch up and have a conversation with our ‘Inside Man’. Luckily, I managed to fall into this recent opportunity and grabbed it with both hands. This is the third and final ‘Rumour Mill’ article for Season 11 Free Agency. Sit back, relax, and enjoy.

Slinn Shady: Hey mate, you okay if we skip the formalities and get straight to the ‘good stuff’?
Man on the Inside: Of course Shady! Let’s give the SFL community what they want.

Shady: Well, to cut to the chase, alot of talk around the league has been about the Daggs family and what their situation is. They’ve been active, yet quiet. There seems to be very little clue about where they are headed, whether they are joining forces on one team or sticking to finding their own way through the league. I want to know what info you have…what have you unearthed about the ‘3 Ninjas’?
TMOTI: I will agree with you there, they have been keeping their cards close to their chests, and for a long time I hadn’t heard anything worth following up. My hunch was that Mike Daggs (former Queen City tight end) was doimg his utmost to bring the three together on the same team, which immediately brought the three expansion teams to mind. Of those three, New Orleans seemed like the most likely. Pharohs owner, Arron Arrington has shown an interest in running star tight ends as part of his offense before, last season in St. Louis, so it’s plausible he would jump at the chance at getting a pro bowler like Mike Daggs from a division rival. Arrington also shared a secondary with strong safety, Nick Daggs, in St. Louis, and it pays to have a player or two you can rely on when starting a new franchise. Jeffrey Daggs would pair up with Nick and play free safety and voila, you have yourself an answer to the riddle!

Shady: If it was that simple, why has nobody cracked the case on where they’re headed yet?
TMOTI: Ahhhhh because, my friend, it’s not that simple…

Shady: Go on…
TMOTI: Well, I was starting go give up hope on ever finding anything concrete about the Daggs’ future whereabouts, then a source popped up unpredictably…a reliable source at that! My ‘well of information’ increased dramatically a few nights past as I heard that the Daggs clan were definitely looking to all end up on the same team come the end of free agency.

Shady: That’s not exactly much exclusive information is it really though. I bet half of the league could have predicted that!
TMOTI: Yes, but there’s more…
To accommodate three players, all of whom are well paid veterens would require a perfect situation and a lot of luck. You would need to have plans to have star safety positions and a star at tight end. Or would You? My source informed me that Mike and Jeffrey Daggs are definitely staying put at tight end and free safety/Returner, however Nick was open to being flexible. What this means is that you could see Nick Daggs padded up at cornerback rather than safety in Season 11.

Shady: All good information there man, but how does this get us closer to predicting the landing spot of the Daggs’?
TMOTI: Have patience, have patience…I’m getting to it. So, as you know, Mike Daggs kitted up for the Corsairs last season, Jeffrey Daggs for the Knights and Nick Daggs for the Gladiators. A second source of mine that is close to the Daggs’ had heard mention of Mike only leaving Queen City because of the chance to work with either a close personal friend or an owner he respects more than any other. He got given an offer he simply could not refuse. Rumour has it that Daggs would have stayed in Queen City forever had this other offer not been so devastatingly attractive. This is significant because there is only one owner that I can think of who would convince Mike Daggs to come away from Queen City: Steven Mullenax of the Dallas Lobos…

Shady: So, you think that all three Daggs members are headed to Texas?
TMOTI: Yes I do! It’s the only place I can envisage them slotting in without any disruption. Let’s look at the facts..Mullenax and Mike Daggs have been in the broadcasting booth together, (both of whom are awesome broadcasters by the way) and we know Dallas like to run a star tight end as part of their offensive package. On top of that, there’s a space at strong safety for Nick Daggs due to Kody Hill becoming eligible for the rookie draft.

Shady: And what about Jeffrey Daggs? Where will he fit in?
TMOTI: At free safety and returner obviously! Troy Loshaw has departed the Lobos and left a gaping hole for the next Dallas free safety to come and dominate; make that FS spot their own. That free safety could be Jeffrey Daggs (dude had 5 returns for touchdowns last season!).

Shady: So, I guess from that, you’re saying the Dallas Lobos will be the Season 11 home for the Daggs clan?
TMOTI: Yes! The Dallas Lobos need good, solid veterens…it’s about time they got some…they got some, with the Daggs’. Remember, you heard it here first.

Shady: Fantastic, thanks man! Can’t wait to publish this to the SFL community!

After the conversation, our ‘Inside Man’ had to rush off after a lead on some more leads on free agents and their comings and goings. He returned a few hours later with some final pieces of information, taken at the eleventh hour. I took the liberty of including them in my article.

On the Grapevine

Based on information gathered by ‘The Man on the Inside’ 

  • A little rumour and speculation never hurt anybody, and this particular rumour is about a certain cornerback that comes in the form of Dante West, formerly of the Vancouver Legion. It’s not much of a surprise that Dante has decided to test free agency after he joined a franchise half way through the season who ended up having quite possibly the worst pass defense in the SFL.y own personal opinion is that West is most likely to move further south, to Dallas, to join his brother. I haven’t heard anything out of either camp but it just seems logical, right? If i’m correct, expect two Wests to be kitted up in Lobos uniforms come the start of Season 11.
  • Secondly, I want to talk about two receivers. First, let’s start with Shea Carroll. Carroll had a good season in Dallas posting 57 receptions and 4 touchdowns on the season. Speculation was vague about where the 6’1 pass-catcher would end up, although an expansion team talimg him on was a hunch of mine. As it happens, very recently Carroll has started a role as ‘Lead Scout’ for the Baltimore Vultures. I guess that’s the end of speculation surrounding him! The second receiver I want to look at is James Hands. Hands burst onto the scene in a big way midway through Season 10, meaning he should be hot property heading into free agency. There are multiple teams looking for a wide receiver, but the best fit for Hands will be in an offense that flings the ball deep. No doubt, Hands will command a hefty price tag, but the team that gets him will acquire a deep threat to rival the likes of Duke Wilson.
  • To round out the segment, I want to talk about tight end, Kyrie Tate. When you think of tight ends, everybody thinks of Mike Daggs; Tybeerious Bovine; Yasin Clifton. Tate sits outside the periphery of your mind, despite the fact that he is a very good player. It seems like alot of clubs have seen this potential as word around the league is that as many as 5 of them have contacted or shown interest in Tate at some stage. It’s unclear who the favourite is at this moment but my gut says that Tate will want to go to either Denver or Las Vegas. It seems that the Nighthawks and Fury want to keep Tate at his original tight end position, whereas other franchises need him to make a swap to wide receiver. Judging on his skill set, sticking with tight end would be the way to go. Denver or Vegas it is

A note from the Editor: I just want to say a huge thank you to all around the league that co-operated with The Man on the Inside over the time of this process. These articles took alot of groundwork, but he’d like to say he enjoyed the task and would do it again in a heartbeat. Thank you ALL for reading. And remember, we’re here to promote discussion and build excitement. Hopefully, we have accomplished that over the 3 parts of the SFL Rumour Mill. Thank you.