By Ryan Michaels

Disclaimer: All data for this big board is based off of Week 6 of Rookie check ins. New articles will he released weekly to keep up to date base on chat activity and rookie check ins.

RankPlayer NameSummaryRank Change
1Kody Hill (#8 Chat Ranking)Another week down and another dominant week in the chat for Kody Hill. He is creeping his way up into the top 5 of Chat Rankings. As long as he doesn't miss a check in, he is virtually guaranteed a Top 3 draft and a spot on one of the new expansion teams.0
2Aman Takess (#26 Chat Ranking)Aman Takess had another solid week, moving himself up 3 more spots in the Chat Rankings and further solidifying his spot as a Top 3 draft prospect0
3Thomas Ramen (#12 Chat Ranking)As I predicted last week Thomas Ramen battled his way higher in the rankings. His chat ranking has stayed the same but this high up into the leaderboard is hard to move up. Its more about keeping yourself from falling down+1
4J.W. Doyle (#13 Chat Ranking)Much like Thomas Ramen, J.W. Doyle has found himself into the top 4. Even though his chat ranking stayed the same, its more about keeping himself from being overtaken+1
5Xander Gold (#51 Chat Ranking)Although Xander's chat ranking fell by 9 spots he still finds himself rounding out the Top 5. He needs to work on getting his chat activity back to the norm or he may find himself slipping down the board a few spots+1
6Tank Bennett (#71 Chat Ranking)One of the biggest movers on the big board, Tank leapfrogged quite a few other rookies by raising his chat ranking nearly 20 spots. It was the only thing keeping him from his full potential. He may not even be done before the draft, he keeps up his current activity and he could find himself in the Top 5.+5
7Junior Senior III (#66 Chat Ranking)On the other end of the spectrum is Junior Senior, his chat ranking took a hit to the tune of dropping 10 spots and dropping 4 spots on the rookie rankings. This only proves the importance of staying active within the chat, one off week you could be on the outside looking in. On a different note, I fully expect Junior to reclaim his spot as one of the top prospects-4
8EZ Tempel (#41 Chat Ranking)Even though EZ Tempel was able to improve his chat ranking by 3 spots he wasn't able to move himself up the rankings board. However, if his ranking keeps going up he will see himself rise through the ranks0
9Hunter Jones (#38 Chat Ranking)A newcomer to the rookie board, Hunter exploded onto the board after getting the remainder of his bits in. His chat ranking is in solid position and he should find himself drafted in the Top 10Unranked last week
10Achilles Frank (#55 Chat Ranking)Another testament to one week of how low chat activity lowering your value, a drop of 15 in chat ranking has lead to Achilles dropping by 3 spots. A good week could easily move him back up-3
11Marcus Dunhill (#43 Chat Ranking)Outside of the new faces in the first round of the draft, Marcus Dunhill has moved up the most, jumping a huge 6 spots in the rankings. He exploded up the chat rankings, moving from #87 all the way up to #43. The result? A Silver contract and a spot just outside the Top 10+6
12Gib Leedoo (#44 Chat Ranking)Another new face to the rookie board is Gib Leedoo, had he cheered his bits 1 day earlier, he would've been on this list last week in about this position. But regardless, after cheering all his bits, here he is. A great chat ranking has put him a few spots outside of the Top 10 but a missed checkin or a bad week of chat activity from someone above him and he could sneak just inside.Unranked last week
13Keith Swearingen (#50 Chat Ranking)The only thing keeping Keith from being on the rookie board, much like Gib Leedoo, was the uncheered bits. Now that those are taken care of, all he has to do is stay active in the chat and he will hear his name called on Draft dayUnranked last week
14Markem Lopez (#63 Chat Ranking)Markem Lopez has been on a slide, a missed check in cost him his Max Silver contract and a few spots on the rankings boards. This week, a low chat activity has dropped him a bit more, if he isn't careful he may slide outside the first round and find himself battling with many other rookies for contracts after the draft.-5
15Jarrod McChesney (#72 Chat Ranking)Jarrod has some bad luck this week, while his chat ranking did go up by 1, he still dropped 5 spots on the rankings board. Its not of his own fault though, other rookies just had better weeks and some with higher chat rankings reached their bit thresholds for the draft and leapfrogged him. As long as he keeps up his activity he should be just fine and work his way back up the board.-5
16Siege Falco (#69 Chat Ranking)With just enough check ins completed and his full amount of bits cheered, Siege Falco finds himself within the Silver tier. However if he misses a check in he may likely end up dropping down into the Bronze level. As long as he keeps up on those and keeps his borderline chat ranking above the threshold, he should have himself a Silver contract possibilityUnranked last week
17BJ Loveless (#65 Chat Ranking)Although BJ has a few ranking spots over Siege Falco, he finds himself a spot lower than him on the rankings board. The two of them being so close together could possibly mean the two of them battle back and forth in the last Silver spot. Who will come out on top? We will have to see as the draft nearsUnranked last week
Bronze Level
18Chad Guy (#86 Chat Ranking)Much like Jarrod, Chad has had a run of bad luck. He is still the top prospect in the Bronze level but with more rookies leaping into the Silver contracts with their bits being cheered, he has dropped down the board. His improved chat ranking is a positive sign, we will have to see if it continues-5
19John Blades (#85 Chat Ranking)It was bound to happen to some of the rookies, John Blades is no exception. Although he kept his chat ranking around the same spot, new rookies have bumped him down spots on the rookie board. With new rookies being added daily though, Blades needs to up his activity to keep his spot in the first round-3
20Jason Williams (#87 Chat Ranking)Williams needs to really kick his chat activity in gear if he wants to keep himself in the first round. He dropped 4 spots in the chat rankings, that coupled with the new rookies have dropped him down the board-5
21EJ DeCue (#76 Chat Ranking)The last spot of the first round rankings goes to EJ Decue, another new rookie to the big board. He has all of his bits cheered. He recently joined the league, his activity has been great so far but his new status to the league has cause him to missed quite a few check ins. Only time will tell if he can keep his spot above the other rookies.Unranked last week
Remaining Draft Eligible Rookies (Round 2 or later)
22Colin Hart (#76 Chat Ranking)
23Matt Wolfe (#88 Chat Ranking)
24TM Gaines (#106 Chat Ranking)
25Royce Robbins (#110 Chat Ranking)
26Josh Ano (#111 Chat Ranking)
27Mickey Martino (#48 Chat Ranking)
28Shaka Hall (#138 Chat Ranking)
29Dean Maddox (#148 Chat Ranking)
30Kristopher Shields (#149 Chat Ranking)
31Franco Sonatti (#156 Chat Ranking)
32Craig Hearn (#140 Chat Ranking)
33Brett Funk (#160 Chat Ranking)
34Andrew Nyberg (#194 Chat Ranking)
35Jack Burton (#184 Chat Ranking)

A note from the Editor: Another huge congratulations to Ryan Michaels on another great article. He really does put his all into it and I couldn’t be more psyched each week waiting for this thing to drop. Awesome. Simply Awesome.