By Wyett Jones

Another debut article from another talented, young Beat Writer. Wyett Jones has spent the last week taking a look at the teams from the newly formed Southern Conference, eventually compiling a draft pick for each team. Expect these picks to change slightly over the course of the next few weeks, as teams reveal their hands and builds start to be formed. The variance of speculation is all part of the magic of the draft. 

New Orleans Pharohs

The Pharohs have the enviable postion of having the #1 pick in the SFL draft. Question Is, how will they use it?

New Orleans Pharaoh’s pick: #1
Positions of interest: Across the board
Kody ‘Thrill’ Hill, QB/RB

The Pharaohs are a new franchise and possess the first pick in this seasons draft, and with it they will secure the quarterback  position with Kody Hill. Hill is the #1 player on the big board right now and is on pace to be a max silver. Who knows? The Pharohs could find their franchise quarterback for seasons to come in the form of Kody Hill.

Dallas Ruffnecks

Dallas lost many of their experienced players during this off season. The draft is the perfect way to rebuild that squad.

Dallas Ruffnecks pick: #4
Positions of interest: RB/WR
Junior Senior III, WR

Junior Senior III is as good as the Ruffnecks can hope for at #4. Senior III could conceivably fill either spot they’re looking to pursue in the draft and is on pace to be a max silver. I think the Ruffnecks will lean towards Senior III as their current running back, Mike Davis (who I’ve found out has actually retired since writing this) is coming off a season where he tied for the league lead in touchdowns, 5th in yards per carry, and 11th in rushing yards.

Atlanta Swarm

If Atlanta are going to be players in the South, they’re gonna need more playmakers. Upgrading Demar Woods would be a step in the right direction

Atlanta Swarm pick: #10
Positions of interest: FS/DE/QB/WR
John Blades, QB/WR

The Swarm had one of the worst passing games in the league last season. DeMarr Woods had the lowest QBR (71) and completion percentage (60.51%) in the league. Should they decide to stick with Woods at quarterback, John Blades can just go to WR and give Woods another target. If the Swarm decide to part ways with Woods, Blades could see himself as the team’s new quarterback. Blades is currently slated to be a bronze but given his activity since entering the league he should have no problem reaching the top 75 to get that silver contract.

Oklahoma City Renegades

Oklahoma City will want to keep their stellar passing game going for Season 11

Oklahoma City Renegades pick: #12
Positions of interest: WR
Markem Lopez, WR

The Renegades are only looking to fill one position this draft, so it really narrows down who their options would be. Marken Lopez was on pace to be max silver, but a missing check-in threw him off the top of the big board and into the Renegades’ lap. The Renegades seem to be building off what was one of the most potent passing offenses in the league in Season 10.

Tulsa Desperados

The Desperados will be hoping their rookie can take them to the next level in the South

Tulsa Desperados pick: #17
Positions of interest: QB/WR/DE
Marcus Dunhill, QB/WR

As of this big board, the Desperados are in a perfect spot to snag up Marcus Dunhill at #17, who could cover 2 of their 3 positions of interest. Desperados’ former quarterback Sir Charles Robinson had the 2nd lowest completion percentage and had the 5th lowest passing yards among passers played all 12 regular season games. Whether he takes over for Robinson or catches passes, Dunhill is sure to make an impact on the Desperados’ offense next season.

Houston Hyenas

Houston need to replace DJ Majesty, and they will. This draft isn’t deep at linebacker, but they will find their guy late in the 1st

Houston Hyenas pick: #18
Positions of interest: LB
Brett Funk, LB

Despite having one of the better defenses in the league last season, the Hyenas seem intent on making it even better, whilst also finding a fitting replacement for DJ Majesty. Brett Funk has hit his check-ins, now it’s just about raising his chat activity. He could be one that is on the Hyenas’ radar.

Tallahassee Pride

Tallahassee have a big task ahead of them to replace ‘Fats’ Johnson and Anthony Wyo

Tallahassee Pride pick: #21
Position of interest: FS/DT
Andrew Nyberg, ATH

Much like Funk, Andrew Nyberg is hampered by his chat inactivity, leaving him to be scooped up by the Pride at #20. The Pride had some of the best sack artists in the league last season, however struggled to defend the run, allowing the 3rd most rushing yards in the league. Due to the crucial losses of Mike Johnson and Anthony Wyo in free agency, the draft has become extremely important for the Pride. Nyberg can either fill in at DT to give them more of a run stuffer or sit back at FS and help the Pride defense earn more takeaways; if he can stay on the board.