By Kody HillĀ 

Before talking about the team, we need to talk about the origins of the Pride. I got the chance to have a conversation with Frank Goodin, the owner of the pride (A.K.A trueshotcaller!) hoping to get some info.

Kody: Can you explain to me what made you want a team?
Frank: I simply love to compete… I’ve had APF 2K8 since the first day it came out and I fell in love with the way the game plays and the strategy. When I saw that the SFL was using it, in addition to the great presentation of games by our Commish, it was natural for me to want to own a team here. That was a hard labor, but a labor of love, I’m glad I did it.’

The Pride have been one of the longest lasting teams in the SFL as well as being one of the most productive. Sadly, they have been in what I like to call “A Playoff Curse”. The current season could have been a perfect season although, somewhat like the 2007 Patriots, The Pride lost to a stronger team at the laat hurdle. Now, as a homage to the team you love to hate, let us go travel back Season 5!

Christian Christiansen is easily the greatest quarterback the Pride have ever had

Season 5 was a good season for Tallahassee as they actually won against the Baltimore Crabs in the Wild Card Round but then lost to the Santa Fe Gorillas that prevented them to getting to the championship, 27-31. Season 6 was equally as successfull, the Pride placing 2nd in the Teal Conference South Division, then sadly losing to Houston in the Semi-Finals.

The purple and gold of the Pride has become a part of the fabric of the SFL

Season 7 was a horrible year, with a record with 3-9 and they did not go to the playoffs. With the new conferences in Season 8, they were placed in the East and they were highly successfull in 1st place with a record of 9-3. But the playoff curse struck again as they won against rival Carolina but lost to Queen City in the quarters. Yet again, so close to going to the championship. Season 9 was more of the same but the playoff curse clearly loves to mess with Tallhassee, as they lost to the rival Atlanta Swarm in the Semi-Finals.
Then Season 10 happened, they gained rookie wide receiver and Offensive Rookie of the Year, Duke Wilson and they dominated all season as they went unbeaten until the final ‘big dance’. Then, finally going into the championship for the first time in franchise history, they had to face 12-2 Alaska Storm. They Lost. The playoff curse struck again. Badly.

Tallahassee are a perennial high performer who just can’t get the championship monkey off their back. The odds are probably favourable that Season 11 will be more of the same.