By Christian Pundt

The Simulation Football League has awarded one of the new expansion teams for Season 11 to Aaron Arrington. He has settled on branding his team as the New Orleans Pharaohs. Arrington is a three-time ownership applicant and is a long-standing player and coach in the league. In Season 9, he played cornerback for the St. Louis Gladiators, as well as serving as their offensive coordinator for the season. Previously, he has played for the Houston Hyenas (seasons 6, 7, and 9) and the Mexico City Aztecs (season 8). He now ventures off to be the head man for his own team in the highly competitive Southern Conference for Season 11.

And without further ado, here’s what the man himself had to say about his new position.

The Interview

Christian: How does it feel to own an SFL team?
Aaron: It feels kinda weird to have all this control but it feels real good.

Christian: As someone who took multiple bids to finally get a team (and nearly gave up), what do you have to say to all the folks looking for a team that didn’t get one?
Aaron: Man to just keep grinding you gone have people that doubt and don’t believe in you for whatever reasons but just keep pushing.

Christian: Why did you choose to locate your team in New Orleans?
Aaron: Well it’s my hometown it’s a great location for a sports team the people of New Orleans are gonna rally around this team.

Christian: Why did you name your team the Pharaohs?
Aaron: Well I have a Friend who I used to play APF with he used the Pharaohs name and logo it’s essentially a tribute to him been a great mentor to me.

Christian: What those unis gonna look like?
Aaron: ahh you’ll see on game day sweat_smile

Christian: How similar will your build be to what was rolled out in St. Louis? What changes should we expect to be made?
Aaron: My build will be more along the lines of what Mexico City or Tallahassee has than STL I’m gonna be probably more pass happy depending on the opponent.

Christian: Do you have any specific players you have your eye in the upcoming expansion draft/rookie draft/free agency? Can you disclose them eyes?
Aaron: Nopezipper_mouth

Christian: (follow up) If the rookie draft were today, who would be the #1 pick?
Aaron: Kody Hill He been reaching out constantly even before it was announced I got a team.

Christian: Early season predictions for next season? How do you feel about the southern conference? How do you feel about your teams chances?
Aaron: I feel the Southern conference is the toughest conference in the league that will produce season 11s next champion hopefully it’s me…..I feel my team has a great shot given the success of past expansion teams in this league

Initial Reactions

It looks like the New Orleans Pharaohs are in very capable hands moving forward. Arrington has indicated that the Pharohs will be the SFL’s second team to wear purple and gold.
My initial expectation would be that they will roll out with a QB/RB/WR/WR/WR/DL/DL/DL/LB/CB/FS/SS or something similar to it, given that Arrington appears to be set on merging the styles of Mexico City and Tallahassee. Arrington’s Season 11 will be an interesting one given that the Pharaohs are in line for the third pick in the expansion draft and the first pick in the rookie draft and he will have the ability to form his team into any way he sees fit.

A note from the editor: This is the first of a three-part series introducing the three expansion teams and their owners to the SFL community. Enjoy, and keep your eyes peeled for the remaining 2/3rds of the series.

Slinn Shady