By Mahmoud Ajlouni

Aaron Arrington

One of the best cornerbacks to ever enter the league, Arrington has been deservedly nominated for the HoF. He is the true definition of a lockdown corner. He presses on the line and will dare the quarterback to throw his way. There’s a reason why he has 27 career interceptions. After talking to him, he told me this

“I wanted to come in an be the best CB this league has ever seen and win a couple of rings.”

I think its fair to say he’s accopmplished at least half of that ambition already. We wish him the best moving forward and good luck to Aaron in ownership.

Eddie Gauge

A legendary strong safety, without a doubt will be a HoF by the time he retires. He will go down in the history books as the greatest strong safety to play the game. Spending most of his career in Baltimore, he made a move to Houston this past season and worked out well for them. He is a dominant tackler and can rack up interceptions deep. He was a key component of his team’s success and played a big role. I asked what his greatest moment was and he said

“I made a big interception in a game. I don’t remember the opponent but it sealed the win. Cam, on air told the listening audience that I was one of the best safeties in the history of the SFL. That was Big Time for me.”

If the Commissioner himself regarded you as one of the best safeties in the league, then you are doing something very right.

Greg Corky

A mastermind in this league who has decided to step away from the SFL will always be remembered as a great. An emigmatic owner and player, he should without a doubt make it into the HoF. He led the Vaqueros from a 3-9 season to a playoff team the next season. During his playing days, he was a very talented wide receiver who was a nightmare for opposing defenses, just like his gameplans he put out every week. His greatest play ever, according to him, was scoring a game-winning touchdown in the 2015 Season Championship game with time expiring to win it all. Corky will be missed and we wish him all the luck moving forward!