By Kody Hill

When you think football, you don’t think of the state South Dakota (Where’s the Love?). The SFL begs to differ. The Sparrows hailing from the Rushmore State have been one of the most consistantly good teams in the SFL. They have never had a losing record in their franchise history.

Season 6 was a good start for the Dirty Birds as they went 8-4 in their expansion campaign. They finished up 2nd, as the Maulers were the team to beat and sadly were in their conference. The positive thing is, they went to the playoffs, but lost to the experienced Queen City Corsairs (If you have been watching the playoffs this season, you would know as a Sparrows fan why this feels so sweet).

Yellow has been a colour synonymous with the Sparrows over the years

Season 7 was a great year for our South Dakota Birds. Sadly, that would not last, as they lost to conference opponents, the Maulers, in the Semis who ended up winning the title. The Birds produce yet another solid season in Season 8, but lost in the semis….again.

Now for season 9. It was a fairly down season for Sioux Falls as they went 6-6 in the newly formed Western Conference. They placed 5th place in the conference and it was the first season the Sparrows didn’t make the playoffs.

Robert Redford and his Sparrows couldn’t overhaul the Alaska Storm during the Season 10 Conference Semis

Season 10 was far a better year as they finally won a playoff game after years of trying and failing (Finally!). Sadly, that was short lived as they were one game short of the Championship, losing to eventual SFL Champions, the Alaska Storm.