By Ryan Michaels

Disclaimer: All data for this big board is based off of Week 5 of Rookie check ins. New articles will he released weekly to keep up to date base on chat activity and rookie check ins.

Silver Level
1. Kody Hill (#9 Chat Ranking) – Max Value (Preferred positions: RB and QB)

No real surprise here to anyone that has been around since the beginning of the rookie draft buildup. Kody was one of the first rookies to have all of his bits cheered and he has consistently been active within the discord. He hasn’t missed a check in.

2. Aman Takess (#29 Chat Ranking) – Max Value (Preferred positions: LB and DE)

Another one that isn’t too much of a surprise. Aman had his bits donated immediately after joining the league and has been very quickly moving up the ranks of activity.

3. Junior Senior (#56 Chat Ranking) – Max Value (Preferred positions: WR and RB)

A relatively new rookie to the league. Much like Aman Takess; Junior Senior had his bits completely donated shortly after joining the league. Having not missed a single check in puts him ahead of other Rookies, even though they are higher ranking in chat activity.

4. Thomas Ramen (#12 Chat Ranking) (Preferred positions: QB, WR and RB)

Thomas has all 1200 of his bits and has been very consistent on his check ins, missing only the first week. Along with his very high chat ranking, he is in line for a nice contract.

5. J W Doyle (#13 Chat Ranking) (Athlete/open to any position)

Right on the heels of Thomas Ramen is J.W.Doyle, another rookie with all 1200 bits for Season 11 cheered and logged into the SFL. Only 1 spot behind Thomas Ramen in the chat rankings, the two of them will be battling for draft position every day up until their big moment.

6. Xander Gold (#42 Chat Ranking) (Preferred Positions: QB and WR)

Xander Gold sits just below the middle of the pack in the Silver Tier contracts. He has all of his bits required cheered and is ranked right around the average position in chat activity.

7. Achilles Franke (#40 Chat Ranking) (Preferred Positions: CB, FS and WR)

Achilles has been slightly more active that Xander Gold but has missed one more week of check in than his fellow rook, which results in a lower possible contract. If he keeps his activity levels up, he could easily find himself closing in on the top 5.

8. EZ Tempel (#44 Chat Ranking) (Preferred Position: Free Safety)

EZ has consistently been active within the chat, putting himself in prime position to make a strong push for a top contract. He just needs to stay on top of the weekly check ins.

9. Markem Lopez (#49 Chat Ranking) (Preferred Positions: WR and FS)

As of Week 4 of rookie check ins, Lopez was on track for a Max Value contract, but missing this weeks check in has dropped him to #9 on the big board. Hopefully, he can get back on track and keep himself in the top 10 for the draft.

10. Jarrod McChesney (#73 Chat Ranking) (Preferred Position: RB)

Rounding out our possible Silver tier contracts for the draft is Jarrod McChesney. His chat ranking is just on the border of silver. If he wants to keep his current possible contract, he will have to keep his activity up.

Bronze Level

11. Tank Bennett (#90 Chat Ranking) – Max Bronze (Preferred Positions: SS and FS)

Tank has a good chance at becoming a silver contract before the draft. The only thing holding him back is his chat ranking. He gets higher on the rankings leaderboard, he becomes a Silver contract. Simple. 

12. Blake Bush (#120 Chat Ranking) (Preferred Positions: QB)

The only thing holding Blake Bush from having a potential silver tier contract is his chat activity. If he can become more active within the community, he could give the top rookies a run for their money.

13.  Chad Guy (#94 Chat Ranking) (Preferred Positions: DE and RB)

Chad has become more active in the chat as of late. His missing of early check ins have hurt his draft value but if he keeps his activity up, he won’t slip anymore.

14. Shaka Hall (#119 Chat Ranking) (Preferred Positions: ILB and other Skill Positions)

By all accounts, Shaka should be in line for a silver contract, but much like Blake Bush he just needs to become more active within the chat to up his chat ranking and reel in those higher contracts.

15. Jason Williams (#83 Chat Ranking) (Preferred Positions: RB or LB)

Missed check ins have significantly hurt Jason’s possible draft contract. He has all his bits cheered and a decent chat ranking, but his missed check ins are a red flag and have dropped him considerably. 

16. John Blades (#84 Chat Ranking) (Preferred Positions: QB and WR)

A recent addition to the draft is John Blades, who immediately cheered all of his bits and has been on the higher end of chat activity since his arrival. His chat ranking is deceiving with his short tenure within the league.

17. Marcus Dunhill (#87 Chat Ranking) (Preferred Positions: QB, RB and WR)

Another new addition to the draft, Marcus Dunhill, has all of his bits cheered and a nice chat ranking as well. Much like John Blades, his recent arrival makes his chat ranking deceiving within his short time since joining.

18. Craig Hearn (#125 Chat Ranking) (Preferred Positions: Safety and CB)

Craig Hearn only has 100 of his bits cheered and has a low chat ranking. If he wants to get his possible contract up, he will have to move both of those up.

Copper Level

19. Andrew Nyberg (#182 Chat Ranking) (Preferred Position: Versatile. Will fill a need)

Nyberg has all of his bits cheered and his check ins have been spot on. His biggest problem is inactivity within the chat. His extremely low rank is what keeps him from being a top contender within the Silver tier contracts

20. Brett Funk (#141 Chat Ranking) (Preferred Positions: OLB and DB)

Brett Funk hasn’t been as active within the chat as other rookies and that hurts his potential draft contracts. He hasn’t missed a check in since joining the league and has his bits cheered in, but unless he becomes more active in the chat he will be relegated to a copper tier contract come draft day.

21. Jack Burton (#164 Chat Ranking) (Preferred Positions: LB and RB)

Rounding out our top 21 rookies for draft day is Jack Burton. He has all of his bits cheered, but a low chat rating has hurt his potential draft day contract. He hasn’t missed a check in since joining but much like Brett Funk, he needs to get his chat activity up to achieve those higher contracts.

A note from the editor: 

Huge props must go to Ryan for the groundwork he put in to gather this information. The Beat Writing Team has many exciting things to publish over this off-season, including Ryan’s weekly BIG Board! I’m excited. Are You? 

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