By Matthew Lee

Readers, the eagle-eyed among you may have recognised a few new names being credited with the articles published for your viewing pleasure. The exciting reason for that is because for Season 11, the Beat Writing Team has expanded and continues to grow further still. Great passion by our current members has spilled into the SFL community and attracted a host of new budding journalists, ready to volunteer their time and efforts of challenge your thoughts, peak your interest and keep you reliably informed. 

One of this new brand of Beat Writer is Matthew Lee. Lee has already impressed me with his willingness to take on the daunting task of penning an article building up to tomorrow’s Championship Game. This is his first article, and it certainly won’t be his last. Please, read on, enjoy, and offer Matthew and the rest of our young beat team your continued support. Thank you 

(A note from the editor, Matthew Slinn ‘Shady’)

Before the big dance kicks off on Tuesday night, at short notice I took it upon myself to gather some thoughts from the Western Conference Winners, Alaska Storm. The conversation we had were brief, but very insightful. Let’s take a look at what the members of the Storm had to say…

SFL Beat Writers: 

‘Alot of preparation has clearly gone into the last week or two, especially due to the calibre of opponent. How do you rate the Tallahasee Pride as an organisation, and is there an area where you think ‘you know what, we may have an advantage’???

Mighty (Alaska Owner): 

‘The Pride are owned and ran by a dude I got mad respect for, Frank Gooden aka Pretty Boy Frank. So I know, from the top down, it’s a professional type atmosphere where everyone is held accountable.
As for any advantages, we believe we did our due diligence these past 2 weeks and put forth a gameplan that will keep us competitive and give us a chance to come out victorious.’


‘This season has been a long and hard one full of ups and downs, and yet, Alaska are in the final two. Was there a particular moment when you realised you had a Championship calibre team?’


‘Coming into this season, we were still ‘boost’ over how last season ended, a blowout home playoff loss to the Legion. So the entire team came into this season with laser like focus. We had a good feeling that if we took care of our business and played our type of football, we’d be in very good,

As for the Alaska Storm, season 10 has been a season of learning and growth and we hope to culminate it on a high note.’


‘And finally, win or lose, how do you view Season 10 in the SFL, for Alaska and for the league itself??’

‘I’ll answer last 1st. For the league, this season has seen exponential growth and not only do we have a very solid base of users and fans, we’re also letting everyone know that this isn’t a fad. We’re here for the long haul and our product will continue to improve.’

‘As for the Alaska Storm, season 10 has been a season of learning and growth and we hope to culminate it on a high note.’

The Alaska Storm pride themselves on their ability to win as a team. No picture illustrates this more than slot receiver, Jeff Comeau catching a touchdown pass against Sioix Falls

Ryan Davidson, cornerback for the Alaska Storm, expressed that he couldn’t be more excited about the upcoming challenge and that it be an honour to get to grips with two of the best wide receivers in the league in Ken Gossett and Duke Wilson. Davidson also remarked on how it would be a challenge that, he believes he is ready for. Look for Davidson to be on his toes comr Tuesday night. An experienced campaigner like Ryan knows that to best the best, sometimes you have to be the best: take that crown from them.

Iconic receiver, Optimus Cline, needs to play big. He struggles: The Storm lose. Simple.

The Tallahassee pride are so far unbeaten…can the Alaska storm be the ones to stop them?