The fourth installment of the ‘SFL: A History’ series and the second from young writer, Kody Hill. Kody covers the triumphs and troubles of the many franchises that have frequented the city of Dallas.

Since the SFL started, there has always been a team in Dallas. Ronnie Nickens named the team the Stars (Not The NHL Franchise) but they garnered little success during their years before moving the franchise to Cleveland (with even less success). They mainly moved because of already being a Dallas team named the Stars.

Season 1: 4-4
Season 2: 4-4
Season 3: 0-8

For 2 Seasons, there was no team in Dallas until Steven Mullenax decided to try to bring SFL football back to the Texan city with¬† a team called “The Law”. Their inaugural season was an okay one, as they hit the heights of 2nd in the Teal Conference. But that identity didn’t last as they became the Dallas Ruffnecks for the following season. Under the new alias, the city of Dallas had a succesful franchise for the first time in year.¬† They ended up going to the Championship versus Queen City eventually succumbing to the champions, 17-24.

The Dallas Law. A short and not very successful stay.

Season 6: 5-7

Season 7: 8-4
Season 8: 8-4
Season 9: 5-7

The third franchise in Dallas’ illustrious SFL history, and arguably the most successful

Season 10 for Dallas was more of a rebuilding stage as they lost stars that were of the Season 8 role such as Macc Wavy Jr. The old heads were gone and replaced by younger stars like current quarterback, Mason Kirby. They ended up having the worst season in team history, but things looked up as they won some games with the help of Mike Davis, James Hands, Troy Loshaw, etc.

Season 10: 2-10

The Dallas Lobos sporting their new colours for Season 11

As a previous member of Dallas, I know the pain they felt this season but this city has seen some amazing things over the years. Now, today, they have rebranded the franchise, calling themselves the Dallas Lobos! Let’s hope things turn around for this amazing team!

I enjoy this league and I hope you enjoy this article!

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