SFL Communications

April 16, 2018

The Simulation Football League presented by APM Music is happy to announce the conclusion of owner meetings. The league will introduce 15 new rules on the books and eliminate an outdated rule. 14 rule change proposals were rejected. Adjusted Rookie Draft max contracts values were also approved.

“One of the special things about the SFL is we give our ownership total control of the on-field product and how it is conducted,” said Commissioner Cameron Irvine. “While the league office steers the ship, we ask our owners where they want to go next. I trust that the people who spend hours on end with their coaching staffs and their game know better than I – and they do.”

The Rookie Draft max contract values are as follows:

A rookie player can reach max silver if
-He’s in the top 75 of chat activity
-He’s contributed all 1,000 rookie draft bits
-He’s made all of his rookie check-ins (10) For every rookie check-in missed out of 10, one point is dropped off max silver.

A rookie player can reach max bronze if
-He’s in the top 125 of chat activity
-He’s contributed 800 of the 1,000 rookie draft bits
-He’s made all of his rookie check-ins (10) For every rookie check-in missed out of 10, one point is dropped off max bronze.

A rookie player can reach max copper if
-He’s in the top 200 of chat activity
-He’s contributed 500 of the 1,000 rookie draft bits
-He’s made all of his rookie check-ins (10) For every rookie check-in missed out of 10, one point is dropped off max copper.

A rookie still will need, by the end of the season, 1,200 bits to unlock 12 weeks of in-season progression – like all players.

The most critical of the rule changes is that players must change their Discord nicknames to their player names. The decision garnered 78% of the vote, needing 51% to pass. New rules introduced to the rule book need 51% of the vote (10 votes), while a rule change needs a super majority – 67% – or 12 votes. The expansion teams do not get to vote on the rule changes proposed prior to their entry. A vote to reverse that only got 39% of the necessary 67%.

“Owners wanted a better way to identify players to approach them with potentially better offers, or just so they can keep track of who’s who,” Irvine said. “This isn’t a restriction on creativity – this is meant to strengthen the community and connect our members easier than ever to their accomplishments on the field.”

Other new rules (51% needed) added to the rulebook include:

  • Co-Owners need to be approved by existing ownership in order to be named a Co-Owner of a team. 72% YES

  • – When releasing an inactive player, teams may promote current star players up the depth chart to take their place, if possible.
    – The team may use any remaining cap space after the signing of a replacement star player to increase the overall value of the other star players within the same position group of the leaving player. (EX. A team releases a Silver WR worth 87 and signs a Silver LB worth 73, they can then use the remaining 14 to boost the remaining Star WR on their team no higher than 87.)
    – No player may be given an overall value that exceeds the value of the leaving player.
    – A current active player may not jump another active player on the depth chart using this method.
    – Other rules regarding signing players mid-season still apply.
    78% YES

  • Returning veteran players can sign at Base Value for the tier they last played as.
    72% YES

  • Only Wide Receivers, Cornerbacks, and Safeties can return kicks.
    78% YES

  • If a team wants to sign a Rookie Owner Player, they will be able to take a non-owner player in the Draft and sign the Owner Player in a separate transaction.
    78% YES

  • Allow teams to change to the default long snapper from TE to OL in the depth chart.
    72% YES

Rule changes (67% needed) passed for inclusion in the Season 11 rulebook include:

  • – Coaches who are relieved from their coaching duties and leaves a team will not be able to join a new team in any capacity for 4 games.
    – The leaving coach may not join a team that is on the remaining schedule of the team they left.

    67% YES

  • Remove “consecutive” from the requirements for releasing inactive players for amount of missed weeks.
    89% YES

  • A player’s value will not reset when changing positions. Any attribute that is above the maximum for the new position will be lowered to meet it and any attribute that is below the minimum for the new position will be raised to meet it. All other attribute values will carry over. Any animations that cannot be used by the new position will be removed and not replaced.
    83% YES

  • Increase the allowed max speed of linebackers from 80 to 83.
    72% YES

  • Coach Points may be used on non-contract players.
    78% YES

  • Up to 15 Coach Points may be used on a player (attributes), but only up to 5 can be used on a single attribute.
    72% YES

  • Reduce the Offensive Play Minimum in the playbook requirements from 75 to 70.
    72% YES

  • Remove the Collusion Rule from the Rulebook as it is unenforceable and already otherwise covered by the Owner Code of Conduct Policy.
    72% YES
  • The following position changes have been proposed to be added to the list of allowable position changes:
    LB-S – 67% YES
    LB-DL – 79% YES

Rules that were rejected, not receiving the necessary majority:

  • Kicker and Punter may be played by the same player. Kick/Punters will cost in the following thresholds:
    Gold – 123.75
    Silver – 100.00
    Bronze – 87.50
    Copper – 75.00

    56% YES, 67% NEEDED

  • The following position changes have been proposed to be added to the list of allowable position changes:
    QB-WR – 56% YES, 67% NEEDED

  • The League will adjust the depth chart each week according to player’s overall value, regardless of level.
    56% YES, 67% NEEDED

  • Alternate uniforms may not be used for the first 4 weeks of the regular season and cannot be used on primetime broadcasts.
    50% YES, 51% NEEDED

  • Each team will only have 3 uniform choices to use each season.
    56% YES, 67% NEEDED

  • Coach Points may be used to add animations to players for the game that week. Low Value Animations will cost 10 Coach Points, High Value Animations will cost 15 Coach Points and only 1 can be added per week per player.

    44% YES, 67% NEEDED

  • Any Owner Player that is removed from a roster mid-season to make room for a user player cannot return to the team roster until the following season.
    50% YES, 51% NEEDED

  • Coaches must consent to age of 18 or above as part of the League Verification process.
    33% YES, 51% NEEDED

  • Allow users to change the name of their current players to the name of their retired players to allow them to use their preferred name on their current player.
    50% YES, 51% NEEDED

  • Remove the Defensive Player Minimum from the playbook requirements.
    44% YES, 67% NEEDED
  • Slightly increase the Offensive and Defensive Holding Penalty sliders.
    50% YES, 67% NEEDED

  • Slightly increase the Offensive and Defensive Pass Interference Penalty sliders.
    61% YES, 67% NEEDED

  • Each team can have 1 “Special Teams Specialist”. This is a generic non-user player that can have either, not both, the Special Teams Demon or Return Specialist animations. The player must play a position that can use one of these animations under normal player progression and will otherwise have the same attributes all other generic players at their positions and generic player type (Coverage Safety for example). These players do not count towards the 12 user player limit but they do cost 25 points against their team’s Salary Cap.

    44% YES, 51% NEEDED

  • Change the off-season calendar so Expansion Owners may participate in voting on the rules in the Owners Meetings for the season they are voted in.
    39% YES, 67% NEEDED