SFL Communications

April 15, 2018

The Simulation Football League presented by APM Music announced its Expansion Draft details Sunday for Las Vegas, New Orleans, Baltimore and veteran players who wish to declare.

Rounds in the draft will be determined by how many veterans declare themselves eligible for the draft, up to seven rounds. In the example of a seven-round draft, veterans would become eligible overall value boosts if taken in these rounds:

Round 1 – eligible for +7 bonus

Round 2 – eligible for +6 bonus

Round 3 – eligible for +5 bonus

Round 4 – eligible for +4 bonus

Round 5 – eligible for +3 bonus

Round 6 – eligible for +2 bonus

Round 7 – eligible for + 1 bonus

If there are five rounds in the draft, the first round selections can receive a +5 boost when signing with an expansion team.

To delcare yourself eligible for the expansion draft, you must send a group DM with your account, your current team’s owner, the Commissioner, the President and the Director of Player Personnel included in the group. You can begin declaring yourself eligible in those group DMs effective immediately. The deadline to declare is 11:59 p.m. CT May 2.

If you fail to be drafted, you can re-sign with your current team or sign with a different team in free agency when transactions resume on May 9. Overall value boosts for veteran players are only available through the expansion draft and only available if you sign with the expansion team that selected you.

“One of our top goals in the SFL is to make sure every team has a chance to compete by maxing out their cap,” said Commissioner Cameron Irvine. “Allowing veteran players – not veteran teams – to determine player fate is just more proof that the SFL cares about its players’ experience more than any other league.”

The Expansion Draft will be broadcasted on Twitch May 7 at 7 CT, 8 ET.