By Kody Hill 

Another one of our young, intrepid beat writer’s is taking a trip through time in his debut article. He will be teaming up with Matthew Soper to produce the new “SFL: A History” articles. Enjoy! 

In the history of the SFL, one of the most explosive teams has always been from the Bayou City: The Hyenas! Even today, they have one of the most explosive offenses with Warren Murray, Ahmed Cheema, and the Owner, D.R “The Doctor” Sim! First Off, I want to thank D.R for the info on the history of this team. Let us begin!

The Season 9 Hyenas Jersey in action

Houston was an expansion team in the 6th Season of the SFL with expectations to just make it and at least win some games. That was the opposite of what happened that season. The franchise’s first game was against the Louisville Wolfpack, a team that was tipped to win it all that season. Houston ended up winning 44-24 in their inaugural game, defying the odds and setting a precedent for the future. That’s when people started to figure out that “this team is gonna be a force to be reckon with”. They ended up going to the playoffs with a winning season in their first term. To all the poor Tallahassee fans, this was the season when you guys lost to the Hyenas in overtime in the first round. The Hyenas ended up going to the championship versus QCC where they lost badly, but they made their mark in that season and showed that they would be a force for seasons to come.

Legendary receiver, D.R. Sim has led The Hyenas through thick and thin since their conception back in Season 6.

Season 7 was disappointing early for the Hyenas, starting at 0-3. To get back in the hunt for the playoffs, they acquired Greg Morris as a DC, who later became Co-Owner and Head Coach. Season 8 was a good season. Sadly, they blew huge leads to teams like the L.A. Sharks and the Santa Fe Gorillas. Still, they made it to the playoffs but lost to the Alaska Storm, a team they lost to twice.

The Alaska Storm are a bit of a bogey team for the Hyenas

The start of season 9, Houston looked like the Hyenas of Season 7 as they went 5-0. They went to the playoffs, looking to return to the championship. They dramatically lost in overtime to the Aztecs who would become Season 9 Champs!

This Season was a slow start for them but they returned to expected winning ways after destroying their state rivals, the Dallas Ruffnecks 40-6. They ended up holding 2nd in the Western Conference and lost to the Pride in the semi-finals (You got your revenge, Pride!).

Anyway, the Hyenas have had success as well as failures in their franchise. The sheer determination of D.R. Sim has led this team to great success and I hope them the best next season.

Stay on the look out for more from this series, as Matthew Soper takes a look at the rich history of the Queen City Corsairs.