SFL Communications

April 8, 2018

The Simulation Football League presented by APM Music is proud to announce the successful sale of the San Antonio Vaqueros franchise to Jeremy Vega, who spent last season in Vancouver as a wide receiver and for the last four games – the team’s Offensive Coordinator.

“Thank you  to the owners who made this new process smooth and professional,” said Commissioner Cameron Irvine. “It’s good to see these franchises starting to carry some value to the owners that run them. We wish Greg Morris in his future business endeavors, which is why he needed to step away from team ownership. It’s a great day in Denver!”

Denver will inherit San Antonio’s locker room, which still has players from this season’s Vaqueros roster and while all players are on one-season contracts, this gives new ownership a chance to capture the magic this summer with an existing base.

“My plans for the Nightwings are to bring a great new identity to the league as well as bringing a competitive team to the field,” Vega said. “My plan is to have the most active, respectful, and fun locker room in the league. Great player make a great team and I wont settle for anything less than a great team. To all the future players and fans of the Nightwings, Just know I will never give up on this team, I will never stop working hard to build a successful franchise. All I ask is you come along with and have fun doing so.

From the moment I discovered the SFL it has changed my life. I instantly wanted to be apart of this league and own my team. This past season has been such an amazing experience both on and off the field. Being able to participate in the league by writing and coaching has been awesome. Even better, making friends and having a great time in the community has been unlike anything I have experienced. To all new members of the SFL, just know that anything is possible in this league and you will make a lot friends along the way. It has been a wonderful first season in my career here, and now that I am an owner, I look forward to all the challenges and helping make this league even better in any way possible.”

The new conference alignment will be announced during the expansion announcements by the league on Sunday April 15. There are still eight other cities vying for spots 19, 20 and 21 in the SFL. Vega has informed the league he plans to retire the No. 88 for Greg Corky.

“It has been a pleasure to be affiliated with such a dedicated group,” said former Vaqueros owner Greg Morris. “The SFL was always an escape and an outlet for me away from the same old same old of everyday life. I thank Cam, Andrew, Liam, and Jermaine for working tirelessly to give us a game that we all fell in love with. I take my hat off to the play by play crew that gave a level of immersion that was tops in my book and I mean that from the bottom of my heart. I also send out a special thanks to the beat writers and even though I didn’t read every article I read at least one article from each beat writer. They are indeed a special group with some special talents. All of this coupled with the bells and whistles made the SFL a special place for me and I will miss it very very much. I hope you all continue to grow this league into the giant I know that it can be and who knows some where down the road I may be able to get back. However that’s not today and until that time “KICK IT!”

Morris will be at the SFL Convention, which begins Season 11, from July 13-15, as will Vega. Denver will be a participant at league owner meetings, which begin Monday and last through the week, discussing rule change proposals, expansion and making votes that will finalize Season 11’s rulebook.

“I’d like to wish Greg the best in life and good luck in all his future en devours,” Vega said. Being awarded a franchise in the SFL is a dream come true. I couldn’t be happier right now and I am very excited to get to work. I want to thank all the owners for giving me this opportunity and I want to give a special thank you to all those who were so willing to help me and be a positive influence on me.”

For more information on the Denver Nightwings’ plans, DM Jeremy Vega on Discord.