By  Matthew Slinn ‘Shady’

Unfortunately the Beat Team has had issues producing a recap for the SFL Quarter-final epic between Queen City and Sioix Falls. Now, usually this would be covered with an apology, but I couldn’t let this barnstormer of a game be left out of the archives. Therefore, I’ve collated the best images from last week’s war and ordered them to hopefully, give readers an idea about what happened. So, without further ado, let’s get it!

Julian Tyree gettin’ jiggy with it after leading his team to the SFL Semi-Finals

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Experienced receiver Chris Curtis couldn’t prevent the Corsairs’ ship from sinking

Robert Redford finds a lane in the Queen City run defense

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Zane Doty and another Corsair jump in front of Michael Moore to snag an errant throw

Tight End, Mike Daggs, has been a dependable outlet for AJ Caswell this season

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My favourite picture from the game. AJ Warren (much underated) snagging a one handed catch. Beautiful!