SFL Communications

April 2, 2018

After a tremendous season of player activity and statistical analysis that shows the best simulation football product in the league’s 10 seasons, the SFL presented by APM Music is proud to release its salary cap for Season 11.

“Our product on and off the field this season has never been better,” said Commissioner Cameron Irvine. “We’re so excited to watch the system grow and develop. Our ability to respond to the market is how we will continue to always put simulation football first.”

The salary cap will increase from 870 to 890. The league is adding copper players to the cap system, players that will progress faster but will not have the ability to add animations. Animations are now separated into two categories – low and high value – similar to the primary and secondary attributes. High-value animations will cost more and take longer to achieve. WR’s, on average, are increasing in value by 2 points. Cornerbacks are decreasing in value by 2 points. Stamina will no longer be a part of the animation list, and will receive a slider from 75-90 for next season and beyond. All players were default 80 this season and if received the stamina bonus animation were adjusted to 89. No other changes are being made to the cost system, or any specific attribute minimums and maximums.

Owner meetings will conclude the adjustment process to the Season 11 cap.

“The market is dictating these changes – it’s simple,” Irvine said. “What was most coveted in Season 10, you will pay more for in Season 11. That’s how balance is obtained in any working organism.”

Important April Dates:

Sunday April 8 – SFL Semifinals

Sunday April 15 – Expansion Announcements

Week of April 22 – SFL Championship Game

Monday April 30 – Re-signing period begins