By Jeremy Vega

Welcome SFL members! If you are a rookie who just joined the league, a big welcome to you as well. So after a very fun season of picking winners each week in our Beat Writers’ pick’em race, we have finally finished the regular season. We will get into the the final standings but first there is a surprise i’d like to announce on top of some interesting stats from the pick’em race. The Beat writing team has decided to extend the race through the playoffs in a bracket styled pick’em! Allotted points are as followed:
Wild Card Wednesday has 2 games: Call winners of both. Correct answers are worth 2 points.
Division Round is 4 games: Call winners of all: Correct winners are worth 1 point.
Conference Finals is 2 games: Same as WCW
Championship Game: Correct winner is worth 4 points.

Notable achievements
– Christian had four perfect weeks which was the most amongst the group
– Sir Shady, Kanye R, Jeremy, Mahmoud, & Ryan M all had three perfect weeks
– Week 12 was the only week every writer had perfect regular picks
– No week saw the writers pick 100% correct or pick wrong
– Over a six week span, Christian totaled 19 points which is the most, then Kanye R with 17 points, and Jeremy and Sir Shady with 16 points

Final Regular Season Standings
Christian – 30 points 1st place (avg 2.50)
Sir Shady – 29 points 2nd place (avg 2.42)
Kanye R – 27 points 3rd place (avg 2.25)
Jeremy – 27 points 3rd place (avg 2.25)
Mahmoud – 25 points 5th place (avg 2.08)
Ray Bentley – 25 points 5th place (avg 2.08)
Liam – 24 points 7th place (avg 2.00)
Vetack – 22 points 8th place (avg 1.83)
Badr – 22 points 8th place (avg 1.83)
Daggs – 20 points 10th place (avg 1.67)
Ryan M – 14 points (avg 2.80)

Congrats to Christian on winning the regular season.
While a few Beat writers dropped out of the competition, it will continue on.

Wildcard Wednesday Results
Ray Bentley – Picked IND & MXC – 4 points
Sir Shady – Picked IND & MXC – 4 points
Jeremy – Picked IND & MXC – 4 points
Christian – Picked IND & MXC – 4 points
Ryan M – Picked SAV & MXC – 2 points
Mahmoud – Picked SAV & MXC – 2 points
Daggs – Picked SAV & MXC – 2 points

Check in next next week to find out who the Beat writers chose correctly in the quarter-finals, as well as see where they now rank heading into the semi-finals. Thank you readers for your support of the league, the Beat writers, and myself.

One Love