After recording two successful SFL seasons, where they won a total of three playoff games and took part in the Season Eight championship, the Dallas Ruffnecks have since struggled. Posting two straight losing seasons, the front office in Dallas has decided it’s time for a much-needed change. That it was time for the Ruffnecks, who’s logo is the depiction of a domesticated dog, to get back to their evolutionary roots.

Therefore, we are proud to announce the rebirth of the SFL’s Dallas franchise starting in Season 11. We are now … The Dallas Lobos. No longer domesticated. No longer caged. Viciously territorial. The ultimate predator. Quick, fast, intelligent and lethal.

The Lobos will now feature an evolved logo showcasing a wolf howling at the moon. Their new colors perfectly combine the old with the new, mixing blacks, silvers and golds. And owner Steven Mullenax has secured the rights to a new, open-air stadium aptly named “The Hunting Grounds”. Finally, the new Lobos have exciting new uniforms designed by the one and only Destro, Jermaine Smith himself.

With these changes, the Dallas Lobos are hoping to turn the page in Season 11 and return to their winning ways of the past.

“For the strength of the pack is the wolf, and the strength of the wolf is the pack”.