By Jeremy Vega

We have finally arrived at Week 12 of the regular season. As sad as this is it also brings enormous excitement as we finalize the playoff picture. With all the buzz around Week 12 and the playoffs let us not forget the exciting and very close race the Beat writers are in. It has been a lot of fun, and anyone who wishes to get involved in the league I suggest the Beat writing team. The whole team is amazing and doing anything positive for the league is very rewarding. Okay, now let’s take a look at the standings heading into the final week.

Christian – 26 points
Kanye R. – 25 points
Jeremy – 25 points
Sir Shady – 25 points
Mahmoud – 23 points
Liam – 22 points
Vetack – 22 points
Ray Bentley – 21 points
Badr – 20 points
Daggs – 18 points
Ryan – 10 points (2.50 avg)

Week 12 picks
Ray Bentley – MEX & SXF upset pick SF
Sir Shady – TAL & MEX upset pick SF
Kanye R – TAL & ALA upset pick ATL
Christian – TAL & ALA upset pick SF
Badr – HOU & TAL upset pick ATL
Mahmoud – TAL & SXF upset pick ATL
Daggs – QCC & HOU upset pick CAR
Jeremy – TAL & MEX upset pick STL
Liam – TAL & ALA upset pick LON
Ryan – HOU & TAL upset pick SF

Check in next week as I reveal the standings and we see which Beat writer is out in front. Thanks for reading.