By Jeremy  Vega

Johnny English, runningback (non-user player)  

What does a defensive coach tell his players all week leading up to a game where they are forced to tackle one of the biggest runningbacks in SFL history? Standing at 6’4, 245 lbs, you can feel free to ask some of the veteran owners. If new SFL members need a reference point, think a bigger and stronger Ray Bentley. English was a force that required every team to gameplan for him; it required defenses to swarm him knowing it would take more than one player to take him down. He toted the football for nine seasons, becoming the true definition of a workhorse. He holds all the major runningback records, having amassed 2,348 carries for 12,540 yards and 111 touchdowns. These records are likely to never be broken or will take the next closest active runningback at least five more seasons running at an MVP level. I have only heard the night terrors told by owners and players of their encounters with English. Never having seen him play, It doesn’t take much to convince me he deserves to be a first ballot hall of famer. His stature and body of work are legendary. Stats alone should be his ticket in. Wherever Johnny English is now, I am sure he is leaving a huge impact the same way he did on the SFL gridiron.  

Richard L. Snowden, runningback (user-player)
He played just two seasons in the SFL, but it was enough to leave a lasting mark forever. He lead the D.C. Dragons to a championship in season 5. The same season, he delivered one of the greatest rushing performances in league history. Against the Minneapolis Maulers in the 4th quarter, Snowden rushed for 4 touchdowns, including a 96 yard touchdown run. He finished the day with three-hundred plus yards, helping propel his team into the playoffs. Helping the Dragons win a championship in what is considered the greatest game ever played in SFL History, wherever Snowden was, it seemed legendary events followed. Richard Snowden in real life was an all-American two-sport athlete in basketball and football during high school. He played varsity football all four years. In basketball, he scored over 1000 points during his senior year. Nephew of legendary Vikings player, Chuck Foreman, he played only five games during his senior year, but rushed for 1200 yards. He brought that same unique talent to the SFL.
Cameron Irvine once said, “Build that man a statue”. Not many players deserve such a line, and even fewer deserve to be in the Hall of Fame. There should be no doubt that Snowden should be a first ballot inductee. If you would like to see Snowden in all his glory, please check out Destros video of the D.C. Dragons championship season.
“There are heroes and legends, heroes get remembered, but legends never die”

Cameron Irvine SFL Commissioner & Commentator extraordinaire

Almost nothing needs to be said, but there is so much that can be said. I am tasked with coming up with why he deserves to be a first ballot inductee, Thanks guys!!! On a serious note, Cameron Irvine will be voted in and he will be celebrated at the SFL convention with the rest of the first ballot hall of famers. Everyone in this league is very grateful for what he has given us. The opportunity to be apart of something special, the chance to experience moments that will last a lifetime. To build friendships and to be a legend amongst their peers. Most people will never get to experience what it takes to run a league this great, and most people will never get the chance to work side by side with Cam. If you ever get that chance, you will witness the same qualities that other members have over the years who have helped build the league up to what it is today. Cam deserves the first ballot induction without question and much, much more. On behalf of every member past, present or future, we’d like to thank you from the bottom of our hearts for everything you do for us daily. I want to end this article with words from owners and staff on what Cam means to them and the SFL. But first, i’d like to thank everyone who helped me put this article together. I’d like to thank everyone who takes the time to read this and all the support that has been shown to the Beat writers.

One Love


Andrew Rastelli – Director of Player Personnel

“When you see something like the SFL from the outside, you see something that is entirely different than any of the other eSports out there.  A polished broadcast product with on-air talent that rivals actual televised sports the way we all know them and grew up with them. That’s what I saw when I found the SFL and knew I had to be a part of it, like most of our members.  Since becoming the Director of Player Personnel, I have been able to see the SFL from the inside and it is a completely different beast. Each working part, each action that puts in motion the finished product on the other side, each turn down the maze that is the weekly league schedule, there is a mastermind in a worn out office chair sitting in a apartment bedroom turned office churning out game after game.  That mastermind is Cameron Irvine. If you needed an avatar of passion, dedication, and resolve. It would be Cam. I wish I had the dedication to do anything for as long as Cam has done sim football. For those of us that truly enjoy this game and this product, we have Cam to thank. So, thank you Cam.”


Shann Varner – Chicago Wildcats Owner

“Everything, without Cam we wouldn’t have the league or any of the owners. Without him none of this would be possible. He does everything, he is the hardest working guy and without him there would be none of the greats that are here today “

D.R. Sim – Houston Hyenas Owner

“I found the SFL in 2012, I was at my desk at work, I was on youtube as always, I googled All-pro football and an SFL highlight film came up. I heard Cams voice and I was like who is this guy?
Cam is an all time great! When it comes to him as a commissioner, pro sports need more guys like him. Fair, sturdy, and he protects the league and the people in it. As a commentator he is amazing and has produced some all time great calls.

To me personally, he is more than a best friend. I’m really close to three guys in the league and Cam is one of them. He is like a little brother to me and will always be around to help no matter the situation. Words can’t describe what he means to me”


James Richards – Indianapolis Red Devils Owner

“Nobody deserves the HOF more than Cameron. No one has spent more blood, sweat, and tears on this project than Cam has. No one has devoted more time and resources than Cam has. Cameron is what gives this league legitimacy, and is the reason this league is what it is today. Of course he has had help on the way, but it has been his guidance, and passion that drew those people in and compelled them to help. Cameron’s induction into the hall of fame is well deserved, and gives the SFL Hall of Fame legitimacy. It’s not often that you get to surround yourself with people like Cameron, but when you do, you appreciate every single moment”.

Eric Barkley – Queen City Corsairs

“I think that obviously Cam is the heart and soul of this league.  His vision, perseverance, and creativity have given birth to this living and breathing ecosystem that we all now enjoy.  From a small group of maybe ten us, and a handful of teams, we have grown to a community with literally hundreds of users.  It is something one of a kind that he has managed to create”.


Andy Hamilton – Vancouver Legion Owner

“Cameron Irvine is the sole reason the SFL is where it is today. Throughout all the sim leagues i’ve been apart of Cam is far and away the hardest working individual that i’ve seen in a league. Without Cam, this league very well might have only grown to more owners. Which is great, but with Cam’s dedication the league has been pushed to loads of players, scouts, coordinators, coaches, general managers, and owners alike, building a strong community and for that, we should be forever grateful.

Personally, Cam is one of my better friends and I feel really blessed to have found this league and be able to work with him on a weekly basis. The man is very unselfish, often dedicating hours and hours from his week on us without asking for anything in return.Vince Lombardi’s name went on the NFL Championship trophy because of his contributions to the league. There’s no doubt in my mind that when the SFL has a trophy to hand to the winning owner at the end of the season, Cameron Irvine’s name deserves to be on the front”

Destro – League President

“The SFL has allowed me to extend the life of All-Pro Football 2K8 for many years.  Because of this, I would like to thank Commissioner Cameron Irvine for giving me an opportunity to serve as the President of the league.  It’s because of his hard work and dedication to the league that has made it possible for us to have fun and to develop friendships amongst other SFL members.”

Michael Irvine – Oklahoma City Renegades Owner

“First, he is my son and he means the world to me. Second, he is pouring his heart and soul into the SFL. He knows that there is a market out there for everyday fans of football to be stars. From players to owners; from stat collectors to play by play announcers; fans of football want so much more from the game than just watching, they want to be part of the action. The SFL provides that and through Cam”s passion, I believe there will be a new video football game that incorporates his concept. Couldn’t be more proud of him”.

Ramos Lynn – Mexico City Aztecs Owner

“It is very enjoyable and rewarding to see hard work pay off. Specially with something that I love like football. It may be a video game, but what makes Cam’s creation so special, is that, sometimes, it feels like real life, and I’m forever grateful for the SFL”.

MightyRx – Alaska Storm Owner

“He’s the architect. The brainchild. Without him, there’s no Park Hee Chul.
No platform for Queen City to rule and reign supreme.
Pretty sure none of us would know of each other’s existence without him either.
So, yeah. He’s kind of a big deal.
The SFL has afforded me an opportunity to coach and commune with like minded people and to create friendships, as well as rekindle old ones”.