By Jeremy Vega 

Welcome everyone! Thanks as always for checking in on your Beat Writing Staff to make sure we are all held accountable for daring to pick against your team. With just three weeks of action to go, the race to first place continues to be a close one. It appears it will come down to the final hour to determine a winner. But let’s not get too ahead of ourselves as we have this week to get through first. Let’s start with the current standings and move on to the Week 10 predictions.


Sir Shady – 22 points

Mahmoud – 22 points

Kanye R – 21 points

Christian – 21 points

Jeremy – 21 points

Liam – 18 points

Badr – 18 points

Vetack – 18 points

Ray Bentley – 17 points

Daggs – 16 points

Ryan – 6 points (perfect week last week)

Week 10 picks

Ray Bentley – TUL & SAV upset pick: MEX

Sir Shady – TUL & HOU upset pick: CAR

Kanye R – SXF & SAV upset pick: CHI

Christian – TUL & TAL upset pick: LON

Badr – ATL & TUL upset pick: SF

Mahmoud – TUL & ATL upset pick: SF

Vetack – TUL & ALK upset pick: MEX

Daggs – ATL & SAV upset pick: SF

Jeremy – SXF & SAV upset pick: LON

Liam – TUL & TAL upset pick: LON

Ryan M – SXF & SAV upset pick: CHI

That’s it for this week, good luck to everyone in Week 10 and thank you for your support.