By Jeremy Vega

Welcome SFL members.

We are now at Week 9 of the regular season, which is hard to believe as it has flown by. As the season grows on, so does the Beat Writing Club. We are proud to welcome Chad Takkul from Houston to our beloved group of writers. Congrats and good luck!

Now, let’s get down to business as we take a look at the current standings so far. Just four points separates seven beat writers for first place. The race is tight as we come down the stretch.

Sir Shady – 21 points
Kanye R. – 20 points
Christian – 19 points
Mahmoud – 18 points
Liam – 17 points
Badr – 17 points
Jeremy – 17 points
Vetack – 14 points
Daggs – 14 points
Ray Bentley – 13 points
Ryan M – 2 points

(Obviously Ryan has only had one week of predictions)

Week 9 picks
Ray Bentley – TUL & SF upset: CAR
Sir Shady – OKC & SAV upset: LON
Kanye R. – HOU & SAV upset: CHI
Christian – TAL & QCC upset: LON
Badr – TAL & TUL upset: SXF
Mahmoud – TAL & SF upset: CAR
Vetack – SF & MXC upset: SXF
Daggs – TAL & ALK upset: VAN
Jeremy – TAL & QCC upset: CAR
Liam – TAL & TUL upset: ATL
Ryan M. – TAL & SAV upset: SXF

Good luck to all writers and teams competing this weekend. Thanks for checking in and have a great weekend.