by Mike Daggs, Queen City TE

We’re more than halfway through the season and we’re starting to see the playoff picture unfold. Before we get too far into the second half of Season 10, I wanted to take a moment and reflect… let’s take a journey back – all the way to week 1 – and see where everyone projected teams should rank in comparison to where they are today. How close were the voters during the preseason in terms of where teams now sit a little more than halfway through? Let’s take a look! (Spoiler alert!! No one is in the rank they were voted in for Week 1!)

7 - 001Week 1 Rank: 6
Current Rank: 1
They moved their way to the top really fast, went back and forth with Alaska for a few weeks, and have now been seated firmly at the top for several weeks in a row. Tallahassee continues their dominance this season and looks flat out unbeatable. Their offense can't be stopped, and their defense doesn't give opposing quarterbacks time to get plays off. This team could quite possibly go all the way.
7 - 002Week 1 Rank: 16
Current Rank: 2
Talk about climbing the ladder! The expansion Tulsa Desperados weren't given a lot of faith out of the gate. Today, they've never lost a game in their entire time in the league. Granted - it's their first season in the league, but they haven't lost yet! How long can they keep the victory train rolling? Next stop - the 3 - 4 St Louis Gladiators.
San Antonio
5 - 2+ 23Week 1 Rank: 13
Current Rank: 3
San Antonio is another team proving doubters wrong. Climbing two more spots this week to #3 brings the Vaqueros to their highest ranking of the season. They're looking good at 5 - 2 and haven't even looked back at their low ranking to start the season. Fun fact - the week 1 pole was the only time this entire season they were ranked with a double digit number.
Sioux Falls
5 - 204Week 1 Rank: 10
Current Rank: 4
Much like San Antonio, Sioux Falls has proven to voters and fans alike that they're a contender. They too haven't had a double digit rank since week 1. They stay put at #4 this week but only because the teams above them are just that good. If they're going to climb any higher it'll be because the other teams above them lost while they continue to win.
5 - 2- 25Week 1 Rank: 4
Current Rank: 5
Finally we have our first team that voters got it just about right in the beginning. But make no mistake - this isn't just a top 5 team. This is a team that has been at #1 for three weeks this season, and in #2 two additional weeks. They had a couple tough losses in a row with an upset last week, but they're just down. NOT out.
4 - 306Week 1 Rank: 5
Current Rank: 6
And another that voters were close on! Atlanta started out hot, then started to slip. In weeks 3 and 4 they were voted into a doubt digit ranking, but they're quickly on the rebound. They stay put at #6 this week, their highest ranking since week 2. Tough battle ahead though as they host the resurging Mexico City Aztecs in week 8!
4 - 307Week 1 Rank: 9
Current Rank: 7
Houston has had a bit of a roller coaster season so far - in both wins, losses, and power rankings. Voted into the top 10 to start the season, they quickly fell out of it for the next few weeks. But since that time they've found success and have been back in the top 10 for four straight weeks. This week they stay at number 7.
Queen City
3 - 408Week 1 Rank: 3
Current Rank: 8
Queen City came out of the gate strong, stayed strong, got stronger and moved to #1, then the wheels started falling off the wagon. They remain at #8 this week after their 4th loss of the season, which is still their lowest ranking thus far. Currently two spots out of playoff contention, they have a MUST WIN game against Carolina this weekend.
3 - 409Week 1 Rank: 14
Current Rank: 9
Indianapolis was the highest rated expansion team to start the season. They were actually rated higher than an existing team, much to my surprise. They came out RED HOT (no pun intended) and shot right up to the top 5. Since then things have cooled down a bit and they slipped to #9, where they remain for this week. Where they sit right now, however, is still good enough for a playoff position if they can just hold on.
3 - 4+ 110Week 1 Rank: 17
Current Rank: 10
London slipped out of the gate, but with a #17 ranking to start the season clearly people had low expectations. The Knights quickly squashed those thoughts and found themselves in a top 10 position for four straight weeks. Recently they fell to #11, now back up to #10, but still certainly exceeding week 1 expectations. They too currently hold a playoff spot.
Mexico City
3 - 4+ 111Week 1 Rank: 1
Current Rank: 11
Our biggest drop so far in the rankings are our defending Season 9 champions - the Mexico City Aztecs. Clearly being defending champs they needed to be voted in at #1. But the winds shifted fast, and they fell to #9, then out of the top 10 by week 3 and haven't broken back into it since then. In fact, they've gone back and forth between #11 and #12 for the past five weeks now.
San Francisco
3 - 4+ 412Week 1 Rank: 18
Current Rank: 12
The voters thought very little of the Sharks heading in to the season. They're a new expansion team with a relatively new owner in the league. Granted, Ryan Moats has more football experience than most, but how well would that translate to the SFL? It took a while, but San Francisco is our biggest mover of the week jumping 4 spots to their season high rank of #12. How good have they been as of late? Well, they qualify for the playoffs at the moment... how about that??
St. Louis
3 - 4- 313Week 1 Rank: 15
Current Rank: 13
Another team that was closely voted in the beginning compared to now is the St Louis Gladiators. Looking good at the beginning of the season, St Louis climbed their way into the top 10 for weeks 4 and 5 before slipping back down to where they are now. They suffered their biggest drop of the season, falling three positions to #13, which is the lowest they've been since that week 1 ranking.
2 - 5- 114Week 1 Rank: 2
Current Rank: 14
Chicago, sadly, holds the title of the biggest drop from their week 1 rank. The Season 9 runner-up just hasn't found their groove yet. They've done good things - their defense is stout. But they've struggled in the run game and it has cost them valuable points. They were quickly voted out of the top 10 right after their first game and haven't been back since. There's still enough games left to turn it around, but it's now or never for Chicago.
Oklahoma City
2 - 5- 115Week 1 Rank: 11
Current Rank: 15
Oklahoma City has stayed close to their initial ranking, but haven't found a way yet to rise above it. It's been an up and down season for the Renegades and this week they were down again, dropping one spot to #15. Losing their first few games hurt their ranking, but they worked their way back up to #12 in Week 6, but haven't had the same luck since. Like Chicago, it's not over - but the clock is ticking.
2 - 5- 116Week 1 Rank: 7
Current Rank: 16
Vancouver is another team that had a top 10 ranking only to lose it fast and never get it back. The Legion had a great season in season 9, losing their first few games before going nuts and winning most of the rest. They made it to the playoffs and contended very closely to get into the title game. This season they haven't found a way to turn around the losses yet and start winning. Also at 2 - 5, the time is now to get that done.
1 - 6017Week 1 Rank: 12
Current Rank: 17
Carolina has had a similar season to Oklahoma City. They were voted low to start the season and have hovered around that ranking for a good portion of it. They did crack the top 10 once - after a week 2 upset victory over the defending champs, but since then they've moved their way down the board. This week, they remain at #17, their lowest rank of the season.
1 - 6018Week 1 Rank: 8
Current Rank: 18
Dallas is our final team in the ranking, and the final team that started in the top 10 only to quickly fall out of it. For four weeks now the Ruffnecks have sat at the bottom with a ranking of 18. Even getting their first win of the season last week wasn't enough to shake them free. A win over the Alaska Storm in week 8 might just be the ticket to working their way back up the ladder.