By Jeremy Vega

Today kicks off three straight days of SFL action. Entering Week 8, the Beat Writing Team has added a new member in Ryan Micheals. Congrats and good luck in your picks sir. Mahmoud has had a stretch that has brought him up the leaderboards to 3rd place, still sitting behind pace setters Sir Shady and Kanye R. The rest of the pack has five weeks left to make a move up the to 1st place. With only four points separating 7/11 beat writers, it is still anyone’s race and it is only heating up. Let’s jump into the leaderboards that now has the writers average number of correct picks per week.

1st Place
Kanye R – 2.57
Sir Shady – 2.57
3rd Place
Mahmoud – 2.29
4th Place
Liam – 2.14
Badr – 2.14
Christian – 2.14
7th Place
Vetack – 2.00
8th Place
Jeremy – 1.86
9th Place
Daggs – 1.71
Bentley – 1.71
Ryan M – 0.00

Week 8 Picks
Ray Bentley – SF & SXF upset pick OKC
Sir Shady – SF & ALK upset pick HOU
Kanye R – TUL & TAL upset pick ATL
Christian – TAL & QCC upset pick HOU
Badr – TAL & SXF upset pick OKC
Mahmoud – TAL & QCC upset pick ATL
Vetack – SF & ATL upset pick STL
Daggs – TAL & QCC upset pick CHI
Jeremy – TAL & ALK upset pick VAN
Liam – TUL & TAL upset pick ATL
Ryan M – ALK & TAL upset pick STL

Thanks as always everyone. Have fun with the Week 8 games.