by Mike Daggs, Queen City TE

And then there were two! We entered the week still having 3 undefeated teams in the standings and now we’re one less after a close battle came down to a final hail mary on the front page of Twitch! We’re at the half way point for season 10 folks! It’s flying by! It’s crunch time now to make a push for the playoffs. For the teams who have done well to this point, there’s still a whole other half of the season where they could fall if they’re not careful. For those that haven’t done well – it’s time to hit the gas pedal and get going because before you know it, the playoffs will be here and you’ll be on the outside looking in. Where did the voters rank teams this week? Let’s find out!

6 - 0+ 11Tallahassee has bounced back and forth between the #1 and #2 spot. I think finally after week 6 they are now firmly in the driver's seat and ready to take what could likely be a permanent command of the #1 position in the Power Rankings. The problem with them being the "team to beat" this season is that they're the team that CAN'T be beat! Every opponent they face has fallen at the mercy of their incredible passing attack. They've scored 56 more points this season than the next closest team. What else can you say? What else do you NEED to say? The Tallahassee Pride are clearly #1.
6 - 0+ 12Tulsa is indeed undefeated halfway through the season. But they could easily be 4 - 2 right now if it weren't for a failed fake field goal and the 2nd successful hail mary in league history. They still certainly deserve this high ranking - especially after having been voted in at #16 in the preseason. They've proved the doubters wrong so far and are looking to continue that trend in week 7. They face a Chicago team that is on the upswing after not only winning 2 in a row, but doing so in convincing fashion. The Chicago defense is still #1 in the league in points allowed, but the Tulsa offense is #5 in total scoring. What happens when an unstoppable force hits an immovable object? Watch this game in week 7 and you'll find out...
5 - 1- 23Alaska may have lost their first game of the season, but let's not get crazy. They're still 5 - 1 and an insanely talented team. The offense is #2 in scoring and the defense is #3 in points allowed - good luck beating them all too often. The passing attack is still among the league's best being beaten only by the incredible aerial assault that Tallahassee is putting on teams each week. One key difference between Alaska and #1 Tallahassee is turnovers.... The Pride have 12 on the season while the Storm only have 6. That difference could come back to haunt the Pride down the road and push Alaska back into the driver's seat.
Sioux Falls
4 - 2+ 34The Sparrows are an odd one to figure out. First three games of the season - 12 points allowed on average. Next three games - 32 points allowed on average. What happened after week 3? Change it back... However, the offense came to life in week 6 putting up more points than any other game this season by 10 over their next closest game, which was week 5. And that game was their highest since week 2. So, the first half of the season so far looked great for the defense but bad for the offense - the second half of the season looked great for the offense but bad for the defense. Hopefully for them a mid season adjustment can be made to find the best for the offense AND defense and they can continue strong going in to the 2nd half.
San Antonio
4 - 2+ 15No stage is too big for the San Antonio Vaqueros. Not even the front page of Twitch against last week's #1 Alaska Storm. In a game that felt like it was death by a thousand field goals, the Vaqueros came out on top and served the Storm their first loss of the season. Being 4 - 2 put them out in front of many other teams currently sitting at .500 and they look primed for a playoff run. But as I mentioned at the beginning - there is still plenty of time to fall apart. Don't let it happen San Antonio! A huge factor in San Antonio's success is their lack of turnovers - tied for 2nd best in the league with only 6!
3 - 3+ 36Queen City was looking forward to a victory against Atlanta after coming off a loss from Mexico City the week before. THAT didn't happen. The Atlanta Swarm had other plans as they hosted the Corsairs and took care of business. Big plays reigned supreme as Atlanta came from behind to win the game. The offense will need to do more than get lucky on a few big plays going forward though - they only converted ONE third down all game long. Yes, one. That's not sustainable. They head to London to kick off the second half of Season 10, and the Knights are hungry for a win and may look to take advantage of that third down conversion percentage.
3 - 3- 27We all knew 40 points a game wasn't sustainable, right? After two huge wins, Houston won the next week but only put up 23 points against Vancouver. In week 6, things unraveled and they lost to the Sharks after scoring just 20 points. San Francisco got ahead early and never let up, serving Houston will loss number 3 on the season bringing them to .500 at the halfway point. They are, however, still ranked #8 in points scored on offense which isn't bad considering they were shut out in week 2. The defense is #6 in points allowed too, putting the Hyenas in great shape heading in to the second half of the season.
Queen City
3 - 3- 48There are several 3 - 3 teams in the league right now, so many that some would currently be in the playoffs and some would not. Right now, if the season ended today (cue the cheap joke about people being confused why the season ended early...) the Corsairs would be on the outside looking in, getting a great view of the other teams playing in the playoffs from the comfort of their computer chairs. Not at all what the 4 time champs were expecting when they started off the season looking for trophy #5. And not to be Negative Nancy or anything, but week 7 looks pretty scary for them as the league's #1 team (and #1 passing attack) comes to Buffalo to take on the Corsairs (and their non-contract corners). Fun fact - this is our highest ranked team that is currently NOT in the playoff picture.
3 - 3+ 49I think the Red Devils got tired of losing, because they kicked the heck out of the London Knights in week 6. The team is much better than their record indicates, they have the #3 scoring offense after all. Also - #8 defense in points allowed. Not bad at all. They, like most of the 3-3 teams, currently own a playoff spot. Next week will pose a bit more of a challenge though - they head to Sioux Falls to take on a Sparrows team that is still performing better than many people expected.
St. Louis
3 - 3010St Louis did a lot better this week, but not enough for the win. After only scoring a single touchdown in week 5, St Louis put up 31 in week 6. Unfortunately for them. Sioux Falls put up 37. Possibly that's why the voters chose not to move them down in this week's ranking - an impressive performance, even if you didn't get the victory. The Gladiators started hot out of the gate and were 3 - 1 after the first four weeks but have dropped their last two. Next up is Houston, who has scored no less than 20 points in the past four weeks and has averaged 32 points per game over that span.
3 - 3- 311London is the last of our 3 - 3 teams in the rankings. After losing their opener they went gangbusters and won their next three - looking like a team possessed! But now they've lose their last two. A big issue is offensive scoring - ranked #15 in offensive scoring. Some adjustments are definitely being called for on the offensive side of the ball if they want to salvage their season and not fall too far back. Up next, the team that took them to the tool shed in week 1 - Atlanta. The Swarm have been taking care of business as of late and have a heck of a defense, so the time for those offensive adjustments needs to be right away.
Mexico City
2 - 4- 112Mexico City.... From this position and down in the rankings, you're not in the playoffs. Our season 9 champs need to rebound in a serious way before it's too late. Now, I don't like to call out specific players usually... but... MATT WILLSON - THROW THE BALL! I love you man, but it's time to see the Mexico City offense come to life and you can't win on the legs of Ray Bentley alone. Hear me out - Mexico City is currently #15 in passing offense, but #1 in the league with the lowest number of turnovers!! It's time to stop playing it safe, put the ball in Willson's hands, and let him going ballin'!! Use the pass game to open up the run. Dijon Swann, KL Barrett, and Richard Montague (yeah 3 star receivers!) are hungry!!! OK - I'm done. *drops the mic*
2 - 4+ 113Chicago not only won their second game in a row (subsequently, their second game of the season), but they crushed Oklahoma City in the process. Scoring enough points to beat ANY team in week 6, the Wildcats looked more like the Tallahassee offense throwing for over 450 yards and 5 touchdowns! Even running back J Calvin Kim got in on the action scoring his first rushing touchdown of the season. Kendall Gilbert - 134 yards and a hat trick worth of touchdowns (3, for those of you who think hockey is silly like I do). What a game to watch! They kept the ball safe too and never turned it over on 44 pass attempts. Super important next week - they go up against Tulsa who leads the league by a LOT with 21 takeaways. My theory for week 7 - Chicago will get the upset of the year and take down the undefeated Desperados.
Oklahoma City
2 - 4- 214After winning their first two in a row, Oklahoma City was unable to keep the streak going against what now looks like a mighty Chicago squad. The problem appears to be finishing drives - they're #2 in the league in yards per game, but only #10 in total scoring. If you're unable to convert drives into touchdowns, it's up to your defense to stop the other team. Chicago had a field day against them and the Renegades just couldn't seem to find an answer on defense. Next up in Dallas who is out for blood - they're not going to go winless over the course of the whole season. Oklahoma City will need to plan well to get back in the win column.
2 - 4+ 215After barely losing to Houston in week 5, Vancouver was out for revenged and took it out on the Ruffnecks winning 23 - 7. The season is far from over and a 2 - 4 record now may not have them in the playoff picture, but 3 weeks from now they could potentially have a winning record. The defensive adjustments have brought them from a last place 40 points allowed on defense per game on average down to 30. Still a lot, but take out those first two losses and it's down to 26. Still more work to be done, but it's progress. Next up is San Antonio, #6 in total scoring, so the defense needs to step up even more right away to try and secure win #3.
San Francisco
2 - 4016San Francisco hosted Houston, who had scored 100 total points over the three previous games, and the Sharks didn't even flinch. The Sharks scored early, and they scored often, and they got win #2 on the season. Heck, had it not been for the fake field goal fail in week 5 they could very easily be 3 - 3 with the half of the league that currently sits at that mark. It was a rough start to the rookie season for San Francisco but they've clearly got things figured out now as they've largely put a stop to the turnover bug (none last week, but they did take the ball away 4 times!). This is a team to watch in the second half of the season.
1 - 5- 217Carolina lost in week 1 to Tallahassee, but sure - so has everyone else. Then they beat the defending season 9 champion Mexico City Aztecs in week 2 and shocked the league (if you recall, that sent Mexico City to 0 - 2 at the time!). But since then they haven't been able to find another win. They were looking for another big upset in week 6 as they had the game tied at the end of regulation........... or did they? That's right - the second EVER successful hail mary put an end to the game as Tulsa narrowly remained undefeated by beating the Skyhawks. They're going to try and make magic happen again in week 7 when they have their rematch against the Aztecs.
0 - 6018Dallas continues to try and make adjustments but so far nothing seems to be working out the way they're drawing up the weekly game plan. They're tied for 2nd to last in turnovers with 13 on the season and quickly moving towards the last place mark. The defense has so far been unable to fix the mistakes of the offense by only taking the ball away 3 times themselves, the least number of takeaways in the league. The math of course works out for the worst turnover differential so far this season at -10. Next up is Oklahoma City who has shown issues finishing drives and getting points on the board. This could be the best opportunity so far this season for Dallas to turn things around.