by Mike Daggs, Queen City TE

Week 5 is in the books and it’s time once again to look at the league and see who’s rolling strong and who’s getting rolled over. We’ve seen some crazy things happen – undefeated teams nearly falling, only to survive from a failed gutsy fake field goal try, blinding snow storms, and 99 yard touchdown runs to name a few. Just another week in the SFL. So how did the voting shake things up this week? Lets find out…..

5 - 01And back to the top they go! The Alaska Storm steamrolled the Dallas Ruffnecks - granted, Dallas hasn't won a contest yet this season. Alaska simply dominates on both sides of the ball - now 2nd is scoring offense and 4th in points against on defense. They boast a better turnover differential than Tallahassee, and the league's best third down conversion percentage. They visit the San Antonio Vaqueros next who Alaska beat by 10 during their first meeting of the season.

5 - 0-1The Pride seem to be able to score at will. Their opponents appear defenseless against their offensive attack. The high flying offense still leads the league in scoring with an impressive 37 points per game. They've earned themselves another prime time fan night matchup, this time against the Mexico City Aztecs. Frankly, I'm not sure Tallahassee can be beat at this point but Mexico City has kept all of their games close, even if they ended up losing.
5 - 00Tulsa remains undefeated..... but barely. The San Francisco Sharks tried to fake a field goal that would have given them the lead and presumably the win, and it was not successful. So Tulsa lives to enjoy another week with no losses and continue to enjoy the #3 power ranking position in the league. The league's #5 scoring offense doesn't come without risks - they're tied for third with the most turnovers at 10. Fortunately the league's leading defense in takeaways also resides in Tulsa, an astounding 18 on the season.
4Queen City
3 - 20Queen City treated Mexico City to a blast of snow and wind in Buffalo, but Mexico City came out with the W over the Corsairs. The loss was not enough to sway the voters though - they remain firmly in place at #4. Perhaps it's because they still boast the 3rd best scoring offense and 2nd best rushing attack in the league (you hear that Ash? 2nd best.. reclaim that title!!). That may be tough this week - they face Atlanta, boasting the 2nd best rush defense in the league.
3 - 23Houston, we clearly no longer have a problem. After starting 0 - 2, they're now 3 - 2 after scoring more than 100 points in three weeks. Demond clearly either gave his players a "Come to Jesus" speech after the week 2 loss, threw away the playbook, or hit the proverbial reset button. Perhaps a combination of the three. They've climbed out of the basement to the 6th best scoring offense, even with their week 2 shutout factored in. Unbelievable! Next up - the Sharks, who are #15 in points allowed.
6San Antonio
3 - 24The Vaqueros ended their two game skid in convincing style against St Louis. But the dreams of a dramatic turnaround may be in jeopardy next week as they get ready to host the mighty Alaska Storm. They faced the Storm a couple weeks ago and were beat by 10, and Alaska looks like a team contending for the title at the moment. Don't count San Antonio out though - they're in the top half of the league on offense and defense. It's a tall order, but someone's got to bring down the giant at some point. Why not the Vaqueros in week 6?
7Sioux Falls
3 - 2-2The Sparrows started out a strong 3 - 0 but have lost their last two to fall 3 - 2 after week 5. The defense had been doing a great job at limiting points during those first three games but haven't been able to beat the turnover bug during the last two. They have a negative turnover differential, albeit not by much. If the offense can stop turning the ball over and give their defense some rest they can get back on track. They look to do so in week 6 against a St Louis team that only managed one score in their last game.
3 - 2-2Previously undefeated at home, Tallahassee made the most of their invasion of England and simply outpaced London in scoring all day. The Knights have done a great job so far this season at playing smart football and managing the game to hammer out three victories, but the Pride were just too much to handle (as they have been for all that they have faced so far). Next up they face Indianapolis - winners of their first two but losers of their last three. Both teams look to get back on track and neither seems to have much of an edge over the other.
2 - 32Atlanta rebounded from their 3 game skid and pulled off an impressive win holding Carolina to only 3 points. Boasting the 3rd best rushing offense and 4th best in turnovers is a good way to keep on winning. Plus 3 turnover differential on the defensive side of the ball - and they happen to be the 2nd best unit against the rush. Whether they can keep it up is a different story - Ash Odom and the Queen City Corsairs come to town looking for redemption over their loss last week.
10St. Louis
3 - 2-3St Louis falls into the bottom half of the league, but they do so with a winning record. Scoring only one touchdown in last week's contest gave the voters some doubt whether they're as strong as they looked in the first few games of the season. They're only #14 in scoring on offense, but the defense creates takeaways with the best of them with 11 on the season. Time to take a few more chances on offense and see about getting some more points on the scoreboard.
11Mexico City
2 - 31Mexico City went to Buffalo to take on the Queen City Corsairs and were greeted with a lovely snowstorm. They were not fazed and put down the Corsairs to earn their 2nd win on the season. The voter's response? +1 spots for you! Perhaps there is a lack of confidence they can score enough points to win the big games. They haven't scored more than 17 since week 1, and they lost that game. Every single game they've played this season, win or lose, has been a one score game. Well, here comes a big game this weekend - they've visiting the highest scoring team in the league, Tallahassee.
12Oklahoma City
2 - 32Oklahoma City has looked like a legitimate threat these past two games. They've progressively scored more points each game since week 2, putting up 37 against Sioux Falls most recently. They're #2 in the league in yards per game on offense and average 20 points per game. Oh - and they have the best run defense in the league. Next they face Chicago, coming off a win of their own (first of the season). With both teams carrying momentum into week 6 it should be a great matchup for sure.
2 - 3-4Indianapolis won their first two, then lost the next two. They kept those two games very close though, losing by only 3 points in week 3 and 1 point in week 4. In week 5, Chicago came to town and showed Indianapolis why they're the best defense in points allowed and held the Red Devils to only 6 points. An impressive feat for Chicago since Indy is currently ranked #4 in scoring offense, even with last week factored in. They host London this week and look to put an end to the slide.
1 - 43Chicago wins! No more goose egg in the win column for the Wildcats as they put away Indianapolis last week. It's mind boggling to me how this team has only 1 win - they have the league's top rated defense in points allowed. Top! #1! How can the team that allows the least points in the league have only 1 win?? It's because even though they've never allowed a team to score more than 17 points in a game, the offense has been unable to outscore them. Until now! Next up is Oklahoma City who is on a two game winning streak of their own. Can't wait to see how this one shakes out.
1 - 4-2Carolina only managed to score 3 points in their week 6 loss to the Atlanta Swarm. They currently have the last place offense in scoring and 3rd most turnovers in the league after 5 games. They're going to need to get things figured out on offense, and quickly, if they're going to salvage the season. Unfortunately for them they're going up against one of our three remaining undefeated teams this week in Tulsa. Statistically speaking, that's the one undefeated team you'd want to pick if you had a choice, so there is still a chance Carolina could pull off a surprising upset this weekend.
16San Francisco
1 - 40San Francisco wanted blood. They had the opportunity to kick a late field goal that would put them ahead by 1. The opted to fake it on 4th and inches with over two minutes to go to keep their drive alive, run more clock, and maybe score a touchdown. It backfired. They lost. This is one of those plays that if it works, you're hailed a hero for taking down an undefeated team. If it doesn't - you look foolish. Sadly for the Sharks, it's the latter. Next up is another tough challenge - not another undefeated team, but it is a Hyena squad who has put up over 100 points in three games.
1 - 4-2Vancouver was an underdog heading into last week's game going up against a Houston team that had put up no less than 40 points in their previous two games, whereas the Legion has surrendered 38 points per game on average at that point. They lost, but they certainly put up a good fight holding Houston to only 23 points and putting up 20 of their own. Heck, they were winning after the first quarter and only down by 2 at the half. They face the winless Ruffnecks in week 6 and look to put their 2nd win of the season on the board.
0 - 50Dallas has had a tough season so far that has shown them five losses and an upheaval of their roster. The formula has been pretty simple - they're #15 in scoring offense and #17 in points allowed. Couple that with the #17 ranked -7 turnover differential, and you simply can't win games. It doesn't help that they went up against #1 Alaska last week. This weekend they visit Vancouver, and while the Legion's defense is quite a bit better in the takeaway department, they're the only team worse in surrendering points. This may be Dallas' best shot this season at getting win #1.