The Chicago Wildcats continued their championship hangover with a fourth straight defeat to the St. Louis Gladiators. The Eastern Conference champions of Season 9 have never beaten St. Louis during their short existence.

The Gladiators could muster only 135 yards through the air but Offensive Rookie of the Year prospect Denzel Diaz enjoyed another good day with 100 yards of rushing offense. Ethan Alexander’s poor week culminated with a cut in midweek, and the Gladiators will now be looking to rookie QB Dylan Aciel to lead them into the playoffs for the first time.

For Chicago, their team of all stars and veterans have been shooting themselves in the foot all season. Season 8 MVP E.T. King endured another ponderous performance, keeping up an average of two interceptions for every touchdown so far this season. Kendall Gilbert enjoyed a strong game at wide out with 4 receptions and 80 yards on the day. The Wildcats cost themselves one last chance at the game with a cheap neutral zone infraction in a move that typified Coach Shann Varner’s luck of late.

The Gladiators will move on to visit fellow third place team San Antonio from the Western conference. The Wildcats will look to break a five game losing streak by visiting the Indianapolis Red Devils, lead by former St. Louis head coach James Richards.