Turnover happy Oklahoma City suffered a crippling blow to their hopes this season with defeat to a resurgent St. Louis Gladiators team.

St. Louis dropped to 1-1 after a defeat to former head coach James Richards and his Indianapolis Red Devils in week two, but the Gladiators have shown that they have learnt the lessons of seasons past with a confident performance on both offense and defense. Second year quarterback Ethan Alexander enjoyed a fruitful 291 yard performance with 3 touchdowns and 2 picks whilst linebacker Aidan Friday picked up 10 tackles and a sack.

OKC rookie QB Deacon Nickens gave the ball away on 6 occasions with Aaron Arrington the prime beneficiary, ending the day with 3 interceptions. Despite outgaining St. Louis on offensive yardage both through the air and on the ground the Renegades profligacy and squandering of potential points will no doubt alarm head coach and owner Michael Irvine.

Week four will see the return of the Chicago Wildcats to St. Louis. The Gladiators enjoyed a win over the Eastern Conference champions at the end of season nine’s regular season and with the Wildcats reeling from their fourth straight defeat they will be hoping to capitalize on the discord in Shann Varner’s camp.

Meanwhile, OKC will be looking to address their own problems before a visit to Indianapolis and the Red Devils. They will know that another defeat puts them squarely in the back mirror of the front runners as they seek to kickstart the stalling Renegades machine, but with four wildcard places up for grabs, anything can happen in the SFL.

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