Queen City2 - 0+ 2Another dominating performance by Queen City lands them in the #1 spot this week after putting up 49 points on Dallas in week 2. Now tied for first place in average points per game Queen City appears to be on a roll towards their goal of championship #5. Offensively they're in 2nd place in 3rd down conversion percentage and tied for first place in turnovers, showing great control over ball security. Defensively, a slightly different story. They're allowing points, they're allowing yards, and they're not really taking the ball away averaging only one takeaway per game. They either need to ramp up the defense or just keep dominating on offense if they want to stay at the top going forward.
Alaska2 - 0- 1Alaska went to the number one position after week one. After week 2, they drop to #2 being outpaced only by the powerful Queen City offense.. The Storm had a convincing win in week 1, and in week 2 Alaska went to Houston and dominated. It wasn't quite the same offensive performance they put up on Vancouver, but they kept their QB clean, they didn't turn the ball over, and the defense allowed a grand total of zero points to be scored against them. That puts them at 57 points scored and 17 points allowed over two games. Yikes. That's good enough for 4th place in average points per game and FIRST place in average points allowed by the defense at only 8.5 points per game. Watch out SFL - a Storm is coming.
Tallahassee2 - 0+ 1Tallahassee (along with the next four teams in our power rankings) moved up one spot from their week 1 position. The Pride stunned Atlanta who had been in the #2 position after week 1 and brought them down from their pedestal. The Pride offense is scoring a 3rd place 29 points per game and is leading the league in average yards per game. Most of those are passing yards as they lead the league in that category as well but are near the bottom in their rushing attack. Defensively Tallahassee is not even allowing 12 points per game, good enough for 3rd place. They're going to need the defense to keep it up in week 3 as they host the Queen City Corsairs. Battle of the titans!
Indianapolis2 - 0+ 1I mentioned earlier that the mighty Queen City was tied for first place in average points per game. Who are they tied with? The mighty expansion Indianapolis Red Devils. The Red Devils hosted St Louis for their first ever home opener and absolutely dominated the day. The offense is 2nd only to Tallahassee in average yards per game, looking very similar to the Pride in terms of most of those yards being through the air. They're converting 55% of their first downs and even have a fourth down conversion try that was successful. They're not turning the ball over either. Their defense is doing enough to win them games putting them about middle of the road for points allowed. One key to success is turnovers and boy are they making them. 5 in two games, tied for 2nd best in the league. But as I mentioned they're keeping the ball safe on offense so they're tied for first in turnover differential. They head to Tulsa next week to face another team that hasn't lost yet in what is sure to be a great game.
Sioux Falls2 - 0+ 1Sioux Falls comes in at number 5 this week after two wins in a row. They're going to face a tough challenge in week 3 as they face an Atlanta team looking to rebound from a tough loss in week 2. The Sparrows offense hasn't been setting off any fireworks, doing just what it has taken to secure the W in each of their victories. Middle of the pack in points per game, in the bottom half in yards per game, middle of the pack in 3rd down conversions, and they turn over the ball a LOT. Defensively they look good - 4th place in points allowed, and they take the ball away as much as they give it away negating the mistakes on offense. However.... their two victories came against teams ranked #15 and #16 this week. They're about to face off against a team ranked #2 in week 1 and still #8 after week 2. It will be tough!!
Tulsa2 - 0+ 1Still climbing the power ranking ladder from their #16 preseason position to #6 after week 2, Tulsa has continued to prove their doubters wrong. Their well rounded offense is in the top half of the league in just about every category. Where they suffer the most is in converting on 3rd down and in giving the ball away. Their defense, however, is extremely skilled in taking the ball away leading the league in 1st place with 6 takeaways on the season. They're also in 2nd place in points allowed. Here's my concern - they're about to face Indianapolis who does everything well that Tulsa has struggled with. It will be a tall task for Tulsa to hold the Red Devils to 10 points, or even close to it. So far Indianapolis hasn't been turning over the ball but Tulsa has excelled in taking it away - like oil and water. Should be a great matchup!
San Antonio2 - 0+ 1Rounding out the bottom of our undefeateds is San Antonio at number 7. They had an impressive 23 - 7 victory over the Sharks in week 2, but perhaps being a Sharks team that has shown it still has a ways to go to find its way in the league caused voters to only give San Antonio a one position boost in the rankings to remain at the bottom of the teams that have yet to lose. They're doing what they need to do to win and are averaging more points per game on offense than other teams ranked higher than they are. They're also tied for 2nd place in turnovers and 4th place in third down conversion percentage. The defense is in 5th place for points allowed at only 14, are tied for 1st place in 3rd down conversions allowed, and have 3 takeaways in two games. This is a team that on paper should be ranked even higher than 7th place. Want to move up in the rankings San Antonio? Beat #2 Alaska this week and your wish shall be granted.
Atlanta1 - 1- 6Kicking off our teams at .500 is Atlanta. The Swarm flew up to 2nd place after a dominating week 1 victory and then crashed back down a ways after the Pride took care of business in week 2. Don't count them out though - their offense is 5th in points per game, 3rd in rushing average per game, and tied for first in turnovers giving it away only once in two games. On defense the run stopping has been dominant but they're getting gashed through the air left and right (and up the middle for that matter). Middle of the pack in most other categories. One where they're dominating is in takeaways tied for 2nd place with 5 on the season. They visit Sioux Falls next week to face a team that many feel may be a bit overrated at #5 based on their current strength of schedule. I expect the Swarm to rebound after week 3.
London1 - 1+ 9GOD SAVE THE QUEEN! London started at #17 in the preseason poll, went to last place after a week 1 loss, but then made our biggest jump of the week to #9 after beating Vancouver in week 2. That puts them in the top 50% of teams in the league! Not only did they beat them, they dominated putting up 36 points to Vancouver's 3. They dominated from the beginning putting up 17 unanswered points in the first quarter alone and shutting out Vancouver in the 2nd half. The performance moved their offense up to #6 in points per game with a relatively balanced attack through the air and the ground being near the middle in both categories. They're struggling to keep the ball safe however, turning it over 3 times in week 1 and 2 times in week 2 putting them 2nd from the bottom in turnovers. On defense they lead the league in 1st place on pass defense allowing the least amount of yards through the air. However, they allow the 3rd most yards on the ground. Gaining only 3 takeaways on offense their turnover differential sits at - 2. Some things to fix for sure for the Knights as they host Carolina in week 3.
Carolina1 - 1+ 4Mexico City went into week 2 after being defeated by Queen City in week 1 hoping to get a win over a Carolina team that got thumped by Tallahassee in week 1. What happened? Carolina shut down the Aztecs and got themselves a win over the reigning champions. The Skyhawks scored first and maintained a lead through the first half until Mexico finally bumped ahead by 1 to start the 2nd half. One more rushing TD got Carolina back in the lead and they held onto that lead to win the game shocking the Aztecs who are now 0 - 2. Carolina's offense is actually leading the league on the ground - 1st place in rushing yards per game. But everything else about their offense is middle of the road or near the bottom, and they've given the ball away a lot. Defensively they're allowing a lot of points, a lot of yards, and ultimately have a negative turnover differential. They had an impressive win in week 2 but need to make adjustments on both sides of the ball to keep things going in week 3 when they visit a red hot London team looking to build off an impressive week 2 victory of their own..
St. Louis1 - 1- 1The Gladiators got thumped by Indianapolis in week 2 and took a small hit of one position in the power rankings this week. Their offense is struggling to get points on the board and they currently sit 5th from the bottom in points per game. Their passing game has been pretty bad so far showing up dead last in yards per game. Their run game has been better coming in at 5th place in the league, but the lack of passing offense has lead to the lack of points and cost them the win in week 2. They have been safe with the ball turning it over only once in two weeks. On defense has done a decent job but is allowing far too many points through the air putting them in 15th place in the league for passing defense. They've managed to take away the ball three times giving them a +2 turnover differential, tied for 2nd place in the league. There's good things to say about this team - they really just need to figure out their passing attack and they could be dangerous.
Chicago0 - 2- 1Time to start talking about our winless teams. First, Chicago, second, Mexico City. Hey, wait, weren't these two teams in the championship last season?? Chicago can't get things going on offense this season and are tied for 2nd to last in average points per game at only 10. They're 14th in average yards per game, 16th in rushing yards per game, and seem to want to get the ball to the opponent more than they want to get it to their own team tied for the most turnovers on offense so far this season. The defense has been decent - in 7th place for points allowed on the season and 4th place in yards allowed against them. They've managed only 2 takeaways giving them a league worst -4 turnover differential. If the offense can get things going and keep the ball safe, the defense is keeping them in games. It's up to you, Chicago offense! Up next in week 3 - a prime time rematch of the Season 9 Championship Game! Too bad both teams are currently without a win. The good news - someone's going to win in week 3! They've got to....... right?
Mexico City0 - 2- 4The Aztecs fall 4 more spots to #13 after week 2. Sorry, Ray, you just can't be #8. Perhaps if you beat the winless Chicago Wildcats in week 3 you can get a five position boost. Mexico City is our defending champions from season 9 and they appear to still be suffering from the celebratory hangover as they haven't been able to find a win yet this season. The biggest problem? Converting on third down. They currently boast a last place 23% conversion percentage on third down. Yes, less than 1 in 4 third downs have been converted for a 1st. Everywhere else they've looked average to good, to even great. Ray Bentley has lead the team to a 2nd place position in rushing yards per game behind only Carolina, who beat them in week 2. They've also worked their way to the 3rd best passing defense this season. Unfortunately, they're dead last in stopping the run. Turnover differential sits at zero so they're not making too many mistakes on offense but not making enough plays on defense either. Shore up the run defense and change up the play calling on 3rd down and we may yet see the Mexico City team from season 9.
Dallas0 - 2- 2Dallas got stomped in week 2 allowing 49 points by the Corsairs. That puts their defense in 17th place in points allowed per game - not quite last place but teetering on the edge. The offense is moving the ball and scoring points - 6th in points per game and yards per game, 5th in passing yards. Also 6th in 3rd down conversions. So they're definitely able to score points. The defense, as stated, is not helping them at all. They're 14th in yards allowed per game getting gashed on the ground with the 15th ranked run defense. Opponents have also been able to convert 3rd downs against them with ease putting them at 16th in that category. Next week they visit a struggling Houston team that hasn't been able to do much on offense, so some of the defensive issues may be masked next week and the offense may be able to do enough to get their first win of the season.
Houston0 - 2- 2Houston tumbled from their preseason power ranking position after a week 1 loss, and after failing to score a single point against Alaska in week 2 they fell two more spots to #15. The Hyenas couldn't get anything going on the ground or through the air and are currently sitting at a league worst 6 point average per game on offense. They're also 3rd from the bottom of the pile for average offensive yards per game. On defense they look a little better averaging only 15 points allowed per game, and they're near the top of the league in takeaways. If they can make some adjustments on offense and put some points on the board their defense will keep them in games going forward. Chin up, Houston - the season is not lost.
Oklahoma City0 - 2- 1Oklahoma City wanted to prove the doubters wrong (and the media, in particular) and show what they can do in week 2. Unfortunately what they did was secure loss number two on the season. The offense is struggling to put points on the board averaging only 13 per game, good enough for 15th place. Surprisingly they do boast the 4th best passing attack this season but that is coupled with the 13th best run game. A big problem, like Mexico City, is converting on third down as they're only managing to convert on 38% of their tries. They're also tied for 2nd in turnovers giving the ball away 5 times this season. The defense is doing their part and has been an average unit in both the passing and running game, and they boast the third best defense in terms of takeaways. Unfortunately they're still at a - 1 turnover differential due to the mistakes on offense. Some adjustments are still definitely needed on both sides of the ball before they're going to get the media, or anyone, to trust them. They look to rebound in week 3 when they visit St Louis.
San Francisco0 - 2-At number 17 for two weeks in a row, San Francisco. The Sharks are still looking to figure things out on offense and defense in their inaugural season. They're near the bottom (or at least in the bottom half) of every category on offense, leading the league in turnovers along with Chicago with 6 on the season in two games. The defense is also struggling to finds its way allowing nearly the most points, total yards, and passing yards against them so far this season. They also are tied with Chicago for the league worst turnover differential at - 4. They need to work on ball security big time and perhaps look to change the play calling on offense and defense to try and figure out how to stop the bleeding. Fortunately for the Sharks their week 3 matchup features the only team ranked worse than them in just about every defensive category - Vancouver.
Vancouver0 - 2- 2How the mighty have fallen. After an impressive showing in their rookie season, Vancouver came into season 10 ranked #7 after the preseason. After week two, dead last. Owner Andy Hamilton isn't concerned, reminding everyone that his team lost the first four last season before taking off and making the playoffs. However a quick look at the defensive stats should cause some concern... They're hemorrhaging points averaging a league worst 40 per game. They also have a league worst 445 yards allowed against them, most of them through the air with a league worst 388. The run defense has been better, currently ranked 7th overall. They also also have 4 takeaways on the season and a positive turnover differential, so it's not all doom and gloom. The offense definitely needs to find a way to get something going as well - they're averaging only 10 points a game - tied for 2nd worst; last place in offensive yards per game, and near the bottom in converting on third down. There's a long way to go yet in this season and Vancouver may just turn it around like they did last season, but they need major adjustments on both sides of the ball in order to do so. They're hopeful for their first win of the season as they face off against the winless Sharks in week 3.