by Mahmoud Ajlouni, Vancouver FS

Sioux Falls continued its dominant start to the young season as they improved to 2-0 after defeating the Oklahoma City Renegades 24-13.

It was a frigid, snowy day in Sioux Falls, but the Sparrows managed to pull out a victory. Despite the Renegades putting up more yards, their offense was shut down by a stingy Sparrows defense. Nick Popp had a interception and the Sioux Falls front 7 wreaked havoc all day long.  However, the offense seemed to struggle.  Tyree and his receivers has a hard time clicking in the white wash of snow while Redford managed a measly 2 yards per carry.  He did manage to break the plane, which aside from a Michael Moore return TD, was the difference maker.

Oklahoma City’s struggles continued as they couldn’t get anything going until later in the game. Nickens had a whopping 61 attempts on the day and completed 34 for 377 yards and a touchdown to go along with that.  Receivers Stephen Bush and Deezer Powell made their presence felt by accounting for 260 of the 377 yards thrown.  Neither would get to the endzone, however. Their defense looked impressive and they dominated just couldn’t hold their ground for long and then with no offense to help it was a matter of time before the Sparrows would capitalize.

Next week, Sioux Falls hosts the 1-1 Atlanta Swarm.

The Renegades head to St.Louis to take on the 1-1 Gladiators.

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