by Kanye Rockafella, Chicago CB

Hey guys, I want to say that our 1st week of SFL action was great! We see a little of how player progression is taking off. Some major upsets happen and we just getting started. Players were playing out of position, so let’s see what happens in Week 2. Questions need to be answered. Will corrections be made for the better good? Will teams bring themselves to .500 or will we start seeing teams getting worried? Who will move upwards to 2-0?

This is the SFL uncut and unfiltered with Kanye Rockafella:


KR11 tackles last night how you feel the defense balled?
Avry KingJust getting back home but yeah I think we have a good defense. 
KRHang in there King. Good win!


KR: Free you balled w/10 tackles and a 1 INT. Our rushing was the lowest probaly I have ever seen.  Ya’ll kept the pressure on us.  How you come up with the game plan to kick our butts like that?!
Freeman Peltier: Magic… LOL. I think if you look to take away the biggest weapon from a team it forces them to do the things they are not so good at.  You do it all day then it gives the offense more chances to stay in the game. That’s my basic approach, you want more specifics wait until after we beat you in St. Louie…keep working you guys will do fine.
KRThose non stars ya’ll have where balling! What is the formula for finding those types of guys? I mean the DL’s and that corner you have turn it up for you guys. I see Leroux coming along with Icenhower.
FP: I think a lot of it has to do with the generics going up against a lot of bronzes…QCC had a pick six with their generic CB.  A starting generic player does the things his POSITION is good at just fine and sometimes he’ll amaze you.  But don’t ask him do something his position isn’t suited to and keep your backups off the field as much as possible.
KR: You know I like watching the games diffently. Hell, I would go on my days off and watch games at the bar in Vegas. Have headphones and laptop on with a beer and food.  Move back home to Dallas got the flat screen TV 45′ going and depending on what games are on and what occasion is happening.  How do you enjoy your SFL  game watching experience?
FP: I mostly setup on my laptop.  I’m catching up with Shann in Tampa this weekend and I think there’s a game Saturday.  Would be really cool if we could get it up on a TV in the bar across from his hotel.  I’m coming down a day early so I went cheap and went to the Hojo by the airport.
KR: All… now that is pretty cool!
FP: He’s going be downtown with the fam and we’re meeting at a  place where he likes the burgers.
KR:Mighty Mouse what is good?! You balled! How was your first game with 177 yards and a rushing TD and a TD pass?! You was MVP of the game!
Denzel Diaz: It went awesome man, I owe everything to my linemen working down in those trenches.
KRWhere you from?! You so swiftly and short and big. You always ball like that.. You know reckless?
DD: Shit, I’ve been counted out whole life because my size and I run angry.
KR: How was you watching the game? How you do SFL gaming experience?
DD: On YouTube on my IPad man.Best of luck on the season broskie
KR: You to Diaz, see you guys in St. Louis.


KR: Ya’ll gotta cut down on those TO’s. Ya’ll won tho! Ya’ll kicked Houston’s butt?
Jacen McGeeThe Sparrows beat the Hyenas.The Sparrows beat the Hyenas. So nice you have to say it twice. Tyree played well enough that we should have won big. He gets all the blame for every pick all the time.  2 picks were drops by our wideouts. You can’t drop passes in this league because defenses make you pay for it. We have OKC next & they’ve been better known for their D in the past but them coming out last week & throwing the ball 56 times has to make you turn your head & brace yourself for a shootout. We’ll see how it goes.
AJ Levye: What’s up?
AJ: I’m gonna be on Kanye’s Corner?
KR: Yesss
AJ: Cool deal…Yo, Kanye! We were overall pleased with the defensive play against Houston. Not many teams can say, that they’ve held the Hyenas offense to 3 points. At the same time, the Hyenas D came to play! Those guys picked up the slack for the offense, keeping them in the game. Houston stopped Robert Redford in the end zone for a safety, and they added a pick six too.  
The team as a whole, kept on fighting to secure the win. Despite, not having ILB Alex Parker on the field with us. We’ll make sure that he’s good to go for week 2 against OKC.   ~KaPoW!
KR: Shaun, what do you think you guys are doing this season. record? How do you feel about the schedule? How do you think you will improve coming from CAR? 
Shaun HarrelsonThe schedule looks great I’m not worried about who we face but more of trying to concentrate on what we do best!! I think the transition from Carolina will be smooth not really missing a beat!!


KR: Ya’ll balled. Beat the other expansion team. How you feeling?!
James Richards: I was nervous as hell when we fumbled the kickoff, and then a pick on the second or third drive. I was like not another St. Louis flash back.
KR: How ya’ll  come up with the game plan? Saw on Twitch you mention simulating 200+ times?! That’s Boss playa stuff you talkin.
JRThat’s real talk. We had a month to prep. Had 0 footage on them, so I had to be their o coordinator and try and beat us with their talent. Offense was a struggle. Their D was good. I just had a very specific plan to limit their stars.
KRYa’ll acted a fool at the game and during chat on Twitch. Y’all the real deal or was that a sample of what y’all can do? Your bro kept y’all in this thing.How you feeling about winning on the road out the gate?
Steve VetackI think playing on the road actually helped us. We are all rookies and making our debut tonight and on Monday Night no less. Being the visitor helped us to focus on our jobs but we can’t wait to show our fans what we can do at The 9th Circle. 
KRWhere yo bro @?
SV: He’s actually coaching girls bball tonight, send him a message.
KR: Word. Ok, I will try and catch up with him. Just trying to get some immediate reactions from you guys. You guys rocked them Sharks, messed up my pick’em.
SV: 4 turnovers and they almost went an entire quarters worth of time without a first down and that was all without a sack.
KR: Yeah gotta watch again. Y’all would not let up.
SVI knew we could pass I saw that coming and I was surprised I got my Mitchell catching out of the backfield prediction right from the preview article but i did not see our D doing that right away.
KROh… how you watch the SFL? Well your game tonight?
SVTwitch at home on laptop, TV would be cool but i think that would confuse the gf as to what they hell I was doing lol. 
KRNate, you balled out 5 TD’s  win on the road! How you feeling?! 
Nathan LeeThanks for talking to me! It feels great and I know we’re going to take this wave of momentum straight into the Ninth Circle and I know we can come out with a win!

KRPB! What up kid?! I see ya with that hard defense play ya’ll doin in Indy! You got 2 picks and 8 tackles. How you feel bout that win?

Paul Blake: It was pretty awesome man, good to finally get out there after the long offseason and get a W. Looking forward to this week and getting after it again!


KR: What up Prime? You got your first W as owner how you feeling ?! Gotta ask you, you got 56 yards rushing and caught a TD. Where is Dion?! Your boy Jones balled out!  He was always bad just needed his shot! Defense is nice. You know I like sacks and ya’ll got a couple sack disciples of there. How you watch the game? 
Dion HawkinsWhats good bruh. But I’m feeling content with the win. I’m happy that we won but I’m a perfectionist and I wasn’t happy with the offensive output. I’ve been hard at work tweaking things for next week so we can play ball like I know we can. Khoury, stepped up big time now that he’s starting he can show the league what he can do. I’m very pleased with our defense they came out and played tough and was a nightmare for OKC. I always watch the game at home thru my XB1 on the big flat screen.
KRThen the SPT. Gotta ask how you feel about the kicker? Ya’ll good? But yo that TD from the onside kick was fire. 
DH: Yea I’m good with K Joseph as our kicker.. hes been practicing really hard working on his accuracy. We have full faith in him. Plus nothing can be worse than the kicker i played with last year, he was pure ass juice. Khoury’s catch was nothing short of amazing he kept his eye on ball plus had presence of mind to hurdle the CB after snatching on him. Definitely SC top 10 worthy. 
KRThis I would like to have out SAT/SUN. If you can combine the thoughts you felt after winning in game 1 and use some it leading into game 2.  Get Pumped!!  You balled out Kor. How you feeling bout that win? MVP  4/173 TD. You know how to separate from the defender. How you that fast man?!  You and brother teaming up to put Tulsa on map. Play of the week gotta be that catch. You deflected the pass and the DB  volleyed it back to you ,you caught it and took it to the house. What was goin on thru you mind?
Khoury JonesMan to be honest I go in to  game not think about what to do just do it. I think that was a very good game we played last week had a couple ups and downs but we came out with the win and I just want to give all the credit to my team and my coach.
KR: C.Ball! What up?! How you feel bout your debut? How you watch the game? You got a sack and a int! 9 tackles you were a fool.
Charles Ball: Ha, yeah, I’ll be honest it feels pretty awesome to be playing this well immediately in my career. Plus all the people talking about how surprised they were by my performance, it’s really cool. I guess I just gotta thank my secondary bros for really doing their job and shutting down the passing game for Oklahoma, and shout out to Espnn and the rest of my defense, those guys were playing insane week 1! I said this in the locker room after the game to my boy Hezlep, but if we keep playing like this, this team is gonna be a problem in this league. Hopefully we can have another great game this weekend in Chicago, and I want everyone to see it too, so they can know we’re not just a bunch of rookies getting lucky, this defense is the real deal. #weball
KRNate, you got the road win. 9 tackles and a pick. How you feeling?
Nate HezlepVery confident, don’t want to let it all go to our heads though. I’m focused on this week!


KR: Swarm completely dominated  and only let them score 1st qtr. and 4th qtr. for a total of 13 points.  How did you prepare for the Knights? You guys ran the ball well. Jerry and non star Egg got those pick sixes. 3 sacks and 3 ints? You worried about Hawkins? Have you spoke to Luda?!  How you feeling about winning and opening at home? You ready for next Sunday?! How you be watching the games?
Aquantis ShyneWeek 1 was the same as any other week for us over here in the ATL . We don’t sleep on any team in the SFL. Since we had nothing to go off of, I merely looked at London’s team breakdown and gameplanned against that. Hollewood was able to take advantage of some big holes and my defense was able to sting them with those back 2 back pick 6’s. I knew I needed the win against London, cause going to Tallahassee week 2 was gonna be a struggle with this whole player progression system. I don’t like playing in Tallahassee. We are prepared to do battle on the road in primetime. I’m real enough to tell you now that I’m worried about their ability to bring pressure could really hurt us in the passing game this week. If we can play stout defense and cause some turnovers, I can see a 16-13 win for us. I’m absolutely worried about my new DT Hawk. We are used to a certain level of play from our big boys and he’s still not there. So I’m gonna be watching closely this week to see what type of performance he turns in. I spoke to Luda about 2 weeks ago, and he’s enjoying his boat out on the lake fishing. I usually watch the games on my pc, laptop, and phone. When it’s a big game like the Conference Championship last season, I threw it up on the 65″ and chilled with my girls.


KRCongrats! First road victory. Your DT’s got a few sacks. Bond got a couple of picks. QB balled with  3 TD’s. How you feel? How you prepping for Sunday game at the house? Prime Time?! How you watch the games? Who watches with you?
Frank GoodinOk, about my general thoughts about Game 1 against CAR… honestly, that game played out almost exactly how I expected.  Before the game, I told the team to expect it to be close at the half, with us putting distance in the 2nd half, which is what happened.  Through prep, I knew that the two ways that CAR could hurt us was with AJ Francis, who is a Workhorse in the making, and Biddix with his legs.  He’s going to evolve into a special two-way threat at QB.  Both indeed made plays, however we were able to limit CAR points, while in turn putting points up through big plays from Christiansen, Wilson and Gossett.One thing I didn’t expect was how they were able to keep us so limited on the ground; they did a great job of bottling Eniola and Connelley up with their run defense.  Fortunately, Connelley was able to scratch and claw for a short yardage TD which was big for us at that point in the game.I’ve prepped for ATL by doing our normal routine, which is how I’ve been doing things now for several seasons… I due my due diligence with scouting, then I formulate a game plan from there.  This season, it’s been much easier for me since we now have Alex Bond at Offensive Coordinator, and Taqwuan as our head Scout.  Both have already made outstanding contributions to the team on and off the field, and we’re gelling nicely here at the beginning of the season.As for watching the game here in my household, it’s just me.  I’m looking forward to catching some SFL games with the rest of the league at the SFL Convention though!!!
KRGreat stuff Frank!
FGThanks man, thanks for your interview!
KRDab on em!!!
FG:LOL right!!!
KR: How you feeling playing prime time again and again?! Won a huge road division game opener. How you watch the game? Ranked 2nd QB with 3 TD’s? What would you like to do against ATL?
Christian ChristiansenI’m psyched man. Hopefully league likes what we do this week and puts us on again next week against Queen City. 
KRHow you watch game?
CCI’d like to get the dub vs Atlanta but we’ll see. They’re a rock solid team and after what the pass attack did last week I’m sure they’ll sell out to stop it. 
KR: MVP how you living? You balled! How you watch the game? Look at you rank 2 WR with 241 3 TD’s. How it feel?
Duke Wilson: Hey thanks man! Yeah it was fun to watch.The feeling that winning gives you never gets old. I’m proud that I was able to bring my A game during a Sunday prime time game. Christian and the team still believed in me even after I dropped an easy pass which could have been a touchdown early in the game. I didn’t sulk, I went off into the stands and got that stick’em from a “concerned fan”. I had to give the viewing the audience and our fans a reason to cheer. Winning is the first priority, and I know I’ll have to take a backseat to Ken Gossett and my other teammates who I know will perform as well. I have statistical goals that I want to surpass, but our ultimate goal as a team is a championship and I want to be a big piece in that achievement. Go Pride!
KRYeah I read bout the stick’em haha. How you watch the game?
DWI watch the game on my big screen TV with Jon Gruden sitting next to me narrating the action.
DWGruden, has some great insights and helps me see the smaller, but still important details when reading the defense.


KR: Kept the time of possession in checked 52% 3rd downs. Won the game on the road. Beat both Texas teams so far. How you feeling about the win? How will you prepare for 1st home game against the Sharks?
Greg CorkyThanks for having me Kanye and tough break with your loss to St. Louis they surprised me and I have a feeling they will surprise a few teams.
As to how we did against Dallas if I were giving a grade I would say C+ because we faded there in the end. Thats not to take anything away from Dallas because I don’t think we’ve slowed down Prince Escobar yet.
We accomplished a few things we set out to do and that was to control the clock and win the field position battle. It’s no secret for only the second time in SFL history we picked up 2 kickers in the off season. FG kicker Antonio Flowergrass and punter Arminius Davis both of which were outstanding in the game. Our GM Joey Langdon was insistent that we get a kicker and after much gnashing of teeth I said why not two? So far so good.
Prepping for the Sharks has been worrisome because they are such an unknown being that this is their first year in the SFL. The way they lost to the Red Devils in their home and league opener in no way gives me pause for confidence. Ryan Moats build of his new team is deceptively hazardous if anyone should approach them with over confidence. Couple that with Ryan’s NFL and college experience and it makes for a very dangerous trap. We are going into this contest with our eyes wide open and mad respect for the Sharks. That being said we feel like we should win the game.
KRHorn! You got the 2 TD’s off 5 receptions. How you feel bout that win?
Daly HornishThat was a great game for the team and I’m glad i could have helped the team out with scoring 2 TD’s and doing my job.