The Houston Hyenas played host to the Sioux Falls Sparrows at Hyena Den Park Stadium for their Season 10 home opener.

Houston scored an early field goal from the start and had the lead for about 10 minutes in the 1st quarter.

The biggest play for the Hyenas might have been the pick six by Tyleek Jones. Also, there could be another one, which is the safety caused by Cartey Haley which is a DE.

I think we need to keep watch for the rookie Sparrows RB Robert Redford because the way he played against the Hyenas felt like he was a star.

Having 131 yards for 36 carries is a great start for a rookie. Houston’s defense was doing pretty good, but their offense were having a bad time getting into enemy territory.

The Sparrows have had trouble beating the Hyenas in the past but surprisingly beat them by 5 point in a minor upset away from home. They will face the Oklahoma City Renegades in week 2 at home whilst the Hyenas will host an Alaska Storm side fresh off of a thumping victory at home against Vancouver.

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