by Kanye Rockafella, Chicago CB
It’s time for the 10th season of the SFL and it is officially SFL Sunday! The league started their season with a kickoff game on Thursday night with the hardware carrying champs Queen City Corsairs on the road against current champs, The Mexico City Aztecs on the Front Page of Twitch! QCC beat MC 24-17!
Every week, after the bulk of the week’s SFL action has been completed, cornerback Kanye Rockafella has some chats with players and coaches around the league.

See, when you’re playing and/or watching the SFL, people are different and that is what I’d like to tap into to see how the experience happens.
I went ahead and reached out to the team that got the win and balled out abd got them in a corner to discuss this season.
KR: How you feeling?! Great game! Let it out!
Eric BarkleyMexico City played a tough game tonight as we all expected.  We made some errors and were lucky to get out of there with a victory.  I’m optimistic about our chances this season.

KR: Low scoring 1st quarter… first half? What did you say to them at halftime?  Who and what is the secret for the Gibson non contract player? Where you find him? That was a huge play.

EB: Yea, we were lucky to come out with the upper hand in that game.  That play probably changed the entire way that that specific contest unfolded, it was a definite momentum shift.  We ask a lot week to week of our non stars and we have gotten play above the line from many of them.  We look for and will continue to expect occasional splash plays like that through the season if we hope to stay competitive.
KRBlue, how you doing?!
Memphis Blue: Good how are you,did you catch the game?!
KR: Man! You know I watched the game! Blue need to get your thoughts. How you make that catch? What you think about the game?
MB: I think my reflexes made a move and when I realized I could catch it I went for it and it worked out. I think the game was hard fought and either team could have won.
KRHow were you watching the game last night? Ex.Did you have a beer? Eating? Laptop, phone, flatscreen? Who was wit cha?
MBLaptop, alone, while eating Pez!
KR: Pez candies?!
MB: Yeah!…Thanks dude, good luck this season hope we play sometime.
KR: In the locker room, there was a video of Blue’s reaction to the catch. Could not find it, but the QCC Organization release its transcript: WR Memphis Blue on his one-handed TD catch: “It was completely unexpected. I thought the ball was tipped out of reach. I hadn’t done much so far [in the game], so getting the momentum shifting play was insane… that may be the defining moment in my career.”
KRWHAT IS UP ASH?! HOW YOU FEELING RIGHT NOW!!! You made some people mad. You got off! Player of the Game! How you feel 1st win with the new team?
Ash Odom: It feels outstanding man I think I run the same, but a little better here QCC.
KRHow were you watching the game last night? Ex.Did you have a beer? Eating? Laptop phone flatscreen. Who was wit cha? How you watch the game?
AO: I watched it on twitch on my XBox.
Come out and catch me next week when I have a new convo with a new set of players and coaches.  #LoadingLegends!