SFL Communications

December 19, 2017

Denton, TX – Following the success of the SFL Championship Game on Twitch’s front page in October, e-sports program leaders have increased the Simulation Football League presented by APM Music’s reach to five games in Season 10 as the league works towards Twitch Partner status.

“Our relationship with Twitch e-sports program leaders, led by Blake Tull, has been a tremendous blessing,” said Commissioner Cameron Irvine. “To be able to showcase our product to hundreds of thousands of people, to have validation that all the hard work – all the lessons learned – since I began conceptualizing the sim football project way back in 2009, is an opportunity we will capitalize on in major ways.”

After the Championship Game reached over 40,000 views, peaking at 1,141 viewers late in the first half, the SFL estimates its reach in the next four months will be roughly 150,000-200,000 new viewers, launching the SFL into the stratosphere of exposure. The league’s newest partnership with APM Music will only add to the legitimacy and give validation to companies that the SFL is a place where they can grow their business.

“There is no other e-sports project that puts you directly into the action, that has everyone invested in what is happening on the screen, while giving you the freedom to participate on your phone, from your coach, with friends and family,” Irvine said. “Never underestimate what it means to be a star. We’ll help make you one here.”

Twitch will front page the Season 10 Kickoff Game between the 4-time champion Queen City Corsairs and the Defending Champion Mexico City Aztecs on Thursday, January 4 at 7 CT/8 ET. Twitch will also showcase Wild Card Wednesday’s doubleheader March 28, the SFL Championship Game in April and the league’s first user-based Pro Bowl in May plus a yet-to-be-named mid-season clash prior to the roster transaction deadline in Week 8.

If your business would like to advertise on SFL Network front page broadcasts in Season 10, contact Commissioner Irvine at 210-473-8428 for pricing and sponsorship opportunities.

Did you miss the unveiling of the SFL presented by APM Music on Twitch – the league presented the title tracks for the SFL on Twitch and YouTube. Take a listen: