SFL Communications

December 14, 2017

The Simulation Football League will make two major announcements that will rock the e-sports world Tuesday Night LIVE on The SFL Network on Twitch at 8 pm CT.

The announcements will be followed by the release of the league’s new playoff format, now that the league has 18 teams split into three conferences. The league promises the format will ‘add a competitive insanity never thought possible in any sport, virtual or professional.’

“This night will provide more excitement for the future of the SFL than any other in league history,” said Commissioner Cameron Irvine. “People have asked why I and Chief Branding Officer Ryan Moats have been relatively quiet this off-season in the community. Well, we’ve been pounding the pavement and we’re about to make up for lost time, make a lot of noise.”

The SFL’s season will start Thursday January 4 with the defending champion Mexico City Aztecs battling the 4X Champion Queen City Corsairs for the first time.

SFL fans can watch the broadcast directly from the Twitch network here.