SFL Communications

December 10, 2017

It’s been on tap since the Championship Game in October: more creative content for SFL fans all over the world. The SFL Beat writers were born and have been working towards their debut: the 18-in-18 Series – 18 teams in 18 days, previewing the league’s team builds, schedules, outlooks, impact players and more from league personalities.

SFL Beat Writers are just what the SFL stands for: be someone you have always wanted to be or can never be. We’ll help you improve with professional help and put your work on a platform that is growing into an international brand.

Every writer’s style is different and every writer’s assignments were either chosen by them or handed out by league staff.

“We hope that our community enjoys our increase in daily content on our recently relaunched website,” said Commissioner Cameron Irvine. “We also hope that our community understands that these guys have sacrificed their own time to improve the quality of our league. No one is a professional. We only try to improve each and every day in the SFL and give people a chance to live out dreams. It’s going to create an atmosphere and immersion unmatched in any e-sports league.”

The SFL Beat Writers include: @24KanyeRockafella, @andrew, @christian, @daggs, @mahmoud_ajlouni, @jeremyV4444, @orbdad, @sirshadyoftheroundtable, @vetack and @xperttheif. Director of Player Personnel Andrew Rastelli and Webmaster Liam Crowter are the organizers of the project.

The following is a list of release dates for 18-in-18 team previews, subject to change. Previews will be released at roughly 3pm CT every day:

December 10 – Carolina Skyhawks (@badrajlouni)

December 11 – St. Louis Gladiators (@sirshady)

December 12 – San Antonio Vaqueros (@sirshady)

December 13 – Tulsa Desperados (@mahmoud_ajlouni)

December 14 – Oklahoma City Renegades (@badrajlouni)

December 15 – Dallas Ruffnecks (@jeremyV4444)

December 16 – Sioux Falls Sparrows (@24KanyeRockafella)

December 17 – San Francisco Sharks (@orbdad)

December 18 – Houston Hyenas (@24KanyeRockfella)

December 19 – Vancouver Legion (@jeremyV4444)

December 20 – Queen City Corsairs (@orbdad)

December 21 – London Knights (@sirshady)

December 22 – Atlanta Swarm (@mahmoud_ajlouni)

December 23 – Alaska Storm (@christian)

December 24 – Tallahassee Pride (@christian)

December 25 – Indianapolis Red Devils (@jeremyV4444)

December 26 – Chicago Wildcats (@24KanyeRockafella)

December 27 – Mexico City Aztecs (@orbdad)