Welcome to the first article released by the SFL Beat Team! We’ve recruited a number of well known veteran stars and fresh rookies faces to help contribute content for the league going forward. We have a host of planned content including weekly columns, match previews and recaps, along with the return of the ever popular power rankings. The 10th anniversary season of the league is set to be more feature packed than any we’ve seen so far!

With rosters nearly finalized, Season 10 of the Simulation Football League is closer than ever before. On Saturday we will see who exactly is placed into each of the three conferences and Monday will see the release of the official league schedule.

But where do our writers think each team will land in the new SFL landscape? We’re pleased to introduce just a few of our host of talented reporters and volunteers as they give their thoughts on the shape of the league to come.


League MVP Ray Bentley speculates on two potential setups:

[team_standings 7292][team_standings 7293][team_standings 7294]

[team_standings 7296][team_standings 7297][team_standings 7298]

“This is going off of strictly map space alone for the first half, and coffee-addled brain fun in the second.

I didn’t want to put both OK teams in the same division, and I didn’t want to put all 3 Texas teams in the same division (except for Great Texas Conference for obvious reasons); I think this way you can keep great rivalries like Pride / Corsairs and Aztecs / Legion while also investing in new showdowns like Sharks / Storm and Desperados / Hyenas.

As far as the second one goes, I figured it’d be fun to lump all the extreme climates and international teams (trust me, San Francisco is a pretty international city) but I wasn’t sure how to split the other two so I just kinda rolled the bones as it were.”

Kanye Rockafella, Chicago Cornerback

“When I was composing this alignment I finally admitted to myself this is a damn “beast” of conference teams! Let’s start with the SFL WEST or NORTHWEST or NORTH CENTRAL WEST or WILD, WILD WEST.

[team_standings 7305]

The usual suspects are back in the WEST bringing in 2 new teams. Alaska and Vancouver are back. All the trash talking between these two teams makes you want to see somebody get knocked out cold. Mighty or Andy will definitely battle it out.  Neither team has completed their roster. The Legion in its 2nd season is still in need of secondary help (CB) and for the love of SFL gods the Storm don’t even have a QB or a RB yet?!

The other usual suspects returning to the WEST are Dallas who has not completed their roster and are in desperate need of helping hands. Wavy and Prince are back together where it all started. Steven has given the keys for Macc to call the shots. Will he take it?

Loading Legends of Sioux Falls… Can Jacen get over 500 with star names and no QB locked in to fly?! He has new weapons with Shaun and new RB with Redford. Falls needs playoffs attempt to remain relevant.

The last two are the expansion teams: Tulsa and San Francisco. Tulsa is being led by Eastern Conference Champ Dion Hawkins with his own squad and he was the first to complete his team roster, so you know he means business. He is bringing with him some quality vets to wreck shop.

The Sharks are the new fresh meat with great looking uniforms ending our western conference alignment, led by Ryan Moats. His NFL experience should be very interesting bringing his knowledge with x’s & o’s should keep everyone on their heels. A generic RB? Where they do that at? Well apparently in the SFL. Did I mention his roster is not completed?


[team_standings 7306]


Returning from Season 9’s Championship game that everyone had them as favourites to win. The Chicago Wildcats are back with new weapons to orange crush teams with dreams after their faulty 1st season. “Ooohhh it isn’t my fault” comes to mind on what’s going on in those player’s heads. Can they return to playoffs with Maurice bringing the thunder or will they have an SFL Championship hangover?

St. Louis biggest turnovers of last season were their staff and players . So, Duane took the punch in the mouth, got up and dusted himself off and went ALL OUT BLITZ recruiting staff and players to become Gladiators. Arrington ran over for opportunity to help fight the good fight and add some secondary solidarity. I think Duane has made this personal!

Hail to the Queen!!!

Next we have newly expansion London Knights brought you by Liam with a slew of rookies. He also has Slinn Shady as his Asst. GM and ILB. Some of the rookies that stand out are big’ol Andre Godspeed that comes in at 6’4 240 WR as well as family ties of Garrett Roland Sr. and the Daggs.

Who is the Queen and the Princess? Queen City is back in the competitive East with the true meaning of family and friends are everything. SFL connected Caswell, Blue, Daggs, King oh my?! Eric and company are going for their 5 ring without CB’s.

The Indianapolis Red Devils are the Evil of the East Central. They have sim football heads literally in their camp when you combine a football game Lead Designer and a Seasoned YouTube Simulation Football Enthusiast?!  A gang of killer secondary Rockafella clones to hold down their defensive backfield and a Punter. The Vetack boys who I believe are twins and all those safeties are going to try to make a name for themselves in this league. Come on… there is only one!

This is my sleeper team, Oklahoma! Michael has gutted out and Bovine remained. He feels this is his season with a new regime ready to grind in these SFL streets. His overall is Bonkers! Can the Church get a AMEN?!


[team_standings 7307]


This is a conference that is filled with a combination of vets and rookies that is filled with so much swag and cockiness that makes you ask “Can January get here already?’

We have the 9th SFL Champions Mexico City welcoming back 98% of their team that just got back from celebrating their victory over Chicago. Nothing much has changed.

San Antonio brought in a Special Teams to boost the unit. Not sure if Corky is holding out, retired, but they need help with their squad completion.

Need a grill? Let Sim hook you up. After falling to Mexico in the 1st round of the playoffs Houston got busy picking up rookies, bringing back returning teammates and adding additional vets. Roster not done.

Sweet Caroline… Carolina is back and rejuvenated with the span of rookies in their Skyhawk’s makeover. James is serious about turning this team around. I mean after one win wouldn’t you be retooling your organization? Talk that talk you better back it up in this conference rooks.

Atlanta is not changing their ways. They are reinforcing it with Vinson going over to FS. I guess Luda not coming back or he is holding out. Huge big boy talker rookie Allen III WR along with the veteran gang of Swarm should be a little different they are and have always been a good team.

Tallahassee has pulled some unprecedented moves with that Dline “Super Friends” formula they did. Bond and Frank are cooking some of that bag of stinky funk. Will this build take them to the Playoffs again and avoid a quick exit?

Slinn Shady, London ILB and Assistant GM

“Due to the fact that I’m an ignorant Brit stuck on my tiny little island, my knowledge of American geography wouldn’t exactly make the playoffs (obviously I know where places like San Francisco, Vancouver, Dallas are but that doesn’t stretch to everywhere; sorry Sioux Falls). Undeterred, I decided to go by my own criteria to list what the conferences SHOULD look like, according to ‘Commisioner Shady’.

I split the teams as follows:
POWERHOUSES- Corsairs, Pride, Aztecs
PLAYOFF CONTENDERS – Swarm, Wildcats, Legion
SLEEPERS – Roughnecks, Hyenas, Gladiators
INTERESTING BUILDS- Storm, Vaqueros, Sharks
OLD FAITHFULS- Renegade, Skyhawks, Sparrows
NEW FACES- Knights, Red Devils, Desperadoes

Now for the Conferences:
[team_standings 7319] [team_standings 7318] [team_standings 7320]

A few final thoughts…
As you can see, each conference has one team from each section of the criteria I used.
I tried to keep together teams that had some cracking battles last year (Tallahassee/Chicago and Mexico City/Vancouver) whilst also making room for new rivalries to blossom (Maybe Queen City/London – a Battle Royle you could say).
Lastly, I wanted to ensure the powerhouses didn’t meet too often until the playoffs (presuming they get there; I honestly think this year is wide open).

P.S. Before anyone asks, the conferences are named after three characters who promote my favorite cereal (Rice Crispies…you should try them)”

Mahmoud Ajlouni, Vancouver FS

Vancouver Legion’s FS Mahmoud Ajlouni predicts the following conference structure:

[team_standings 7325] [team_standings 7326] [team_standings 7327]

Jeremy Vega, Vancouver WR and Scout

So with very little information to start with I’ve decided to take the fantasy approach to this. So my version of the 3 conferences is about as real as defeating Ray Bentley in a mustache competition. That being said here it is..

[team_standings 7332] [team_standings 7333] [team_standings 7334]

There are a lot of promising rivalries with this layout. Yes, there may be three expansion teams in one conference but with all three teams showing promise that could be one dangerous conference. Another speculation is the new Playoff seeding. May they go the NBA route of best record top to bottom or will they have their own way of laying out the Playoff format. Just survive the week and we will know soon enough.