SFL Communications

November 13, 2017

The Simulation Football League is proud to announce the dates, times and locations of its first two major off-season shows. Players, coaches, owners and fans won’t have to wait long and will have plenty to be thankful heading into Thanksgiving Break.

The league will re-align its conferences into three conferences of six in Season 10, due to the eight-team roster file limitations of All-Pro Football 2K8 and necessary for the league’s expanded 18-team model. Later this week on www.simulationfl.net, the SFL Beat Writers will speculate on which conference alignment the league will choose. What conference alignment will the league select? Take to Twitter and use the hashtag #SFLalignment to get our attention. Your speculations will be read on the show Saturday.

48 hours later, one of the most exciting league events will take center stage, when the league unveils its 10th Anniversary Season schedule. Throughout the day, the league will be unveiling some of the biggest marque matchups on the schedule leading up to the big night. Commissioner Cameron Irvine will be joined by a panel of analysts who will be breaking down each team’s set of games and opponents – home and away.

Through three weeks of the SFL off-season, the league has signed a record 203 players to its 18 teams, just 13 players short of capacity. To join the SFL, hit the ‘join server’ button on the www.simulationfl.net home page.