SFL Communications

October 29, 2017

Today the SFL puts a bow on Season 9. The Mexico City Aztecs took care of the Chicago Wildcats 38-24, getting to celebrate the franchise’s first championship at home – the first SFL team to win a Championship in front of the home-town fans since Queen City won its third in Season 6.

Ray Bentley rushed for a SFL Championship Game record 313 yards on 31 carries for 2 touchdowns. Matt Willson threw just one incompletion (12-of-13) and a couple of touchdowns in the second half to help Mexico City pull away. A.J. Barnes had 12 tackles and a kickoff return touchdown. Clint Hendershot also supplied 12 tackles for Chicago. The Aztecs defense totaled nine tackles for loss.

The Championship broadcast on the front page of Twitch averaged 640 viewers and officially peaked at 1,131 viewers. On the day of the Championship, the SFL Network channel received 41,068 views. The league’s Twitch channel gained 79 new followers. The YouTube channel has gained 63 new followers in the last week. Twitter followers have pushed over 500, Twitch is now pushing 700 and YouTube is 10 subscribers away from 800 – the channel had less than 600 at the start of the season.

The league wishes to thank all who helped the Championship push, including Ryan Moody, Ryan Moats, the league’s moderation team, league staff and owners/coaches/players who participated in the social media challenge. A big shoutout to Twitch executives who believed in the product and our vision and gave us a chance to showcase our talents on the front page. We hope it blew expectations out of the water!

More on the league’s partnerships with YouTube and Twitch will be announced later this off-season. Teams from last season begin the re-signing period on Monday.

To watch the game on-demand with chat, visit: https://www.twitch.tv/videos/185502762