SFL Communications

It is always sad to see teams leave the league but with new open team slots comes new possibilities. We are a league that believes in continuing our mission to be just what our name says we are – the Simulation Football League. In just two days, we’ve received five applications for the two vacant spots and we expect to see more applications for team’s up until the deadline of Wednesday October 18.

We will be making announcements next week on how we are improving the simulation experience for all of our different levels of competition here in the SFL. I thank Ronnie and TJ for their service to this league over the years, but our new ownership groups will undoubtedly represent the values that our league strives for each and every day. The SFL has evolved and will continue to evolve over the years to provide our viewers, our players, our coaching staffs and our ownership groups opportunities they never thought would be possible.

SFL Co-Owner and Chief Branding Officer Ryan Moats, Director of Player Personnel Andrew Rastelli and SFL President Jermaine Smith are committed to bringing the best league experience ever offered to our league members. Our next major announcement won’t be one of sadness, but one of triumph for our players. This league most certainly has eras in it’s history:

SFL 1.0 (Seasons 1-4) laid the groundwork of our concepts, hopes and dreams.

SFL 2.0 (Seasons 5-8) partnered with DakStats, released a documentary, got recognized in Forbes and Bleacher Report and launched the SFL into new ventures never possible before.

SFL 3.0 (Seasons 9-present) introduced integrated statistical databases within our website, grabbed the attention of former NFL running back Ryan Moats, partnered with Twitch to gain a Championship Game on their front page to attract thousands of new viewers and potential members and will launch new initiatives that will ramp up league activity and strategy.

Thank you all for believing in what we do. We won’t let you down,

SFL Commissioner

Cameron Irvine