SFL Communications

Baltimore Crabs owner Tim Johnston, otherwise known as CAGNFL and TJSpeaks, has stepped down off his ownership of the Baltimore Crabs and folds the franchise. The move comes just a couple of days after long-time sim football owner Ronnie Nickens stepped away from his post in Cleveland. Johnston had been the owner of the Baltimore Crabs for six seasons dating back to Season 3 of the SFL, when the Simulation Football League got its first boost in popularity.

Johnston introduced the SFL to the league he commissioned – Casual Adult Gamers – which was and is a competitive, simulation user v. user experience. He introduced user players as a league concept and donated a lot of money and time to take the league to new heights. Johnston connected the league with YouTubers who were willing to air SFL advertisements, brought the world of hexing into the league and contributed to a number of new owners getting opportunities after coaching on his staff, including Ramos Lynn’s Mexico City Aztecs and Max Paul’s Alaska Storm. The Crabs won 45 games in six seasons – the second-most wins of any franchise in league history – but only one of those came in the playoffs, as the No. 4 seed at Minneapolis in Season 6.

“TJ opened us up to a world we never knew existed,” said Commissioner Cameron Irvine. “Coming from the world of Backbreaker and NCAA Football, All-Pro Football had been originally voted down by WAFL owners because it only allotted for eight teams … or so we thought. TJ was the first to do weekly highlights of his team’s games and share it with his users. Over the years, TJ decided to spend his time in other ways and found less of it with a complicated job and a move of his family. Such is life and life events don’t stop for anyone. Thank you TJ for all of the help and support you gave the SFL for so many years.”

Tim prepared a message to owners:

“Gentlemen, I recently moved and have some new commitments that prevent me from giving the SFL the attention it deserves. This has been a great experience and I wish the league and all participants nothing but the very best going forward. Thanks to Cameron Irvine, owners and staff for all the fun and memories.”

There are now two new spots for SFL ownership, as the league continues to restructure its business model, with a focus on our entire community – from fans, to players, to commentators, to scouts, to general managers to coaches to owners. The league added three new teams in Season 8 (St. Louis, Atlanta, Alaska) and three new teams to Season 9 (Vancouver, San Antonio, Chicago). To join the cast of new franchises in the fastest-growing sim football league in the world, visit: https://simulationfl.typeform.com/to/wX7tJJ