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Long-time WAFL and SFL owner Ronnie Nickens has decided to step down as owner of the Cleveland Stallions, effective immediately. For three WAFL seasons and nine SFL seasons, Nickens was an upstanding member of the ownership community and has always had the league’s best interest at heart. Ronnie was instrumental in establishing franchise fees and the initial salary cap structure of the league. On the field, his teams competed valiantly. The Stallions, also known as the Vipers, the Dallas Stars and the Las Vegas Gamblers played 89 games in SFL history, the third most behind Queen City and Oklahoma City.

Before joining the virtual sim football landscape, Ronnie ran his own sim league (text base) for over 20 years. He’s a loyal league fan, supporter and advocate. He was a part of the SFL’s documentary – the most watched video on the league’s YouTube channel. He allowed up-and-coming coaches full control over playbooks and playcalling schemes. Macc Wavy Jr., the biggest success story of those decisions, had the league’s No. 1 scoring offense in Cleveland in Season 9.

“Ronnie has always been one of a kind,” said Commissioner Cameron Irvine. “I consider him a dear friend – and a mentor in the early years – helping elevate the SFL to new levels and fulfilling confidence in me that my hard work had value. He’s a first-ballot Hall-of-Famer in my book.”

To my SFL Family, says Nickens:

“First, let me thank Commissioner Cameron Irvine for all the work he does for this great league. I enjoyed my time as an owner in this league. I step down because it’s going to take more time with what is needed going forward and I just felt I would not be able to give the time that will be required. I’m 65 years young and felt a younger owner would probably be a better fit at this moment in time. To all owners – I love you guys and wish each of you much success. I’m looking forward to watching your teams in Season 10. For owners in this season’s playoffs – I wish you all a good run. To all SFL league staff – thanks for all you do for the SFL. Cameron – never stop having great vision for this league. I thank you again sir for having such great love for us all. God Bless you. To God be the glory!”

Out of respect to Mr. Nickens, no one else should call themselves an owner of his franchise. The Cleveland Stallions will fold and the process of finding the SFL’s newest team and ownership group will begin. The new team will be announced during the SFL Championship Game live on the front page of Twitch.tv. To apply for the open ownership position, visit: https://simulationfl.typeform.com/to/wX7tJJ