SFL Communications

In an unprecedented move, the Simulation Football League will have its 9th Championship Game showcased on the front page of Twitch, the largest live streaming video gaming platform (owned by Amazon). The game – Wednesday October 25 7 CT, 8 ET – will feature a fully-fledged pregame show, in-depth analysis from SFL Co-Owner and Chief Branding Officer Ryan Moats and Houston Hyenas owner Demond Simien and will return to the fold the Postgame call-in, where players, coaches and owners are interviewed about their performance in the game.

“To be validated by Twitch is something truly special and an opportunity that we cannot afford to waste,” said Commissioner Cameron Irvine. “It’s not easy getting on the front page of Twitch, especially if the game you play is 10 years old. But we’ve stuck by our product and proved today that it doesn’t matter what game you play – if you have a good product, people will notice. A special thank you goes out to Chris Curtis who had a connection with Blake Tull, ESports program lead at Twitch, who has been an underground SFL fan for years. We hope our relationship with Twitch, their executives and their broadcasters continues fruitfully into the future at a high level and can’t wait to put on a show for thousands of our newest fans.”

The night – Wednesday October 25 – will go up against no other football in the sports universe. In the gaming universe, most primetime events and tournaments take place on the weekends. The league was awarded a three-hour time slot (7-10 CT) to showcase all it has to offer. Expect to see further initiatives involving this announcement coming soon. Subscribe to our Twitch channel, which will be receiving a face-lift very soon, here: https://go.twitch.tv/simulationfl to make sure you’re ready for the Championship telecast!